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Dan DiDio and DC Comics Coming to Kapow

Tony Calandra 04/04/2012 Reviews

Comic-Con season is in full effect! We have already seen two comic-cons come and go with some big news and announcements. Those two shows were WonderCon and ECCC, but the one downfall to those shows is that they are on the West Coast. Us Americans sometimes forget that there are countless comic book fans across the world.  That is where Mark Millar comes in. Last year he helped bring Kapow Comic Convention to the UK. It was a major success. So how can Mark Millar follow that wonderful show up? Well he goes ‘Balls to the Wall’ Kick-Ass 2 style!

The new DC logoHe just announced on his website MillarWorld that Dan DiDio of DC Comics will be in attendance at the show. He is also bringing Bob Wayne and Will Dennis, editor for Vertigo Comics. These two men might not be as well known to the average comic book fan, but if you are an artist and want to work on Batman or any other DC character, then these are the guys you want to see! It has been a long time since any big names from DC have attended a UK based comic-con.  So if you are an artist living in the UK or surrounding countries, I suggest you purchase a ticket now and have your portfolios ready!

On top of this, Mark has hinted at some major movie announcements for Kapow this year. Those announcements will drop closer to the show or around May 3rd. We can only imagine what Mr. Millar and the good folks running Kapow have up their sleeves. But if this year’s guest list is any indication, I can assure you it will be pure awesomeness! Here is just a quick look at some of the other big names that will be there: Joe Quesada, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar himself, Bryan Hitch and many more. Check out the guest list here.

Kapow Comic Convention takes place May 19, through May 20, 2012 at London Business Design Center.

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