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Damian Wayne Returns… Kind Of

Kelly Cassidy 07/04/2013 News

Not long ago, Batman lost another Robin. Damian Wayne, the 10-year old son of Bruce Wayne, had taken on the mantle of Robin shortly before DC launched the New 52 and maintained the character for the first (almost) 2 years of the new DC universe. Damian’s life came to tragic end not too long ago in the pages of Batman Incorporated at the hands of Grant Morrison, the writer who created the young man and gave Batman a new kind of sidekick.

When Batman himself was seemingly killed off in the pages of Final Crisis, Damian continued wearing the “R” while the first Robin, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, stepped into the mantle of the Bat. After Bruce returned, Damian fought alongside his father… ultimately falling victim to the machinations put into play by his mother, Talia al Ghul. We are still seeing the fallout of what this meant for Bruce in the pages of various books, most notably the final few issues of Batman Incorporated but also the Batman and Robin series which has been showcasing the 7 stages of grief for the Bat. Although Batman has lost a Robin before, Bruce has never lost his son. The Bat was – more or less – created when his parents were killed and Bruce’s fate was set in stone (if one believes in fate) and now the only family Bruce has really ever known (in a truly familial fashion) was taken from him as well.

But, as the New York Post reported on Wednesday, Damian Wayne will be returning to the pages of DC. Now, he will not be returning as the 10-year old Robin we have recently followed across the DC universe. No, he will be returning in a 4-issue miniseries entitled Damian: Son of Batman that sounds more like an Elseworlds story than anything else. The Post reports that this is a possible future for Damian, but one that we will probably never see. After all, Damian’s dead… And the only Waynes to remain dead are Bruce’s parents.

Robin - Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne as Robin (by Frank Quitely)

The miniseries is being both written and artistic duties performed by Andy Kubert. Kubert had worked with Morrison on Batman #666 where a possible future story of Damian donning the mantle of the Bat was printed. Kubert was so inspired with that story that he wanted to revisit it in a sense. As he tells the Post:

[quote]I had a big affinity for Damian when I drew Batman issue #666. I really liked that Batman and always wanted to revisit him. Damian is a bit different than the ‘Bruce Wayne’ Batman. Grant Morrison tweaked his character in a way that made it very endearing for me to draw. And to write. Basically, what I’m doing is exploring the path that Damian has taken to become Batman. I think readers will see him in a different light than before.[/quote]

Now, perhaps this is in an Elseworlds- style of a story or perhaps we will discover that Damian did in fact survive… on one of the other many Earths that now inhabit DC’s multiverse. We’ve only been directly privy to a minority of worlds since the universal relaunch, but it stands to reason that this could still be a part of the New 52 but just not the universe in which the majority of DC’s books are currently taking place. Mind you, that is all speculation on my part; we’ll have to wait until we see the actual printed cover and see if the phrase “The New 52″ appears on the front to give us our indicator.

What do you think about Damian’s return? Is it too soon? Are you glad he’s back? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. jeffhillwriter 07/05/2013 at 4:45 pm

    I really wish it was written by Grant Morrison. That being said, I'll still check it out. I'm sure, if nothing else, it will be entertaining.

  2. omejeemmanuelchimezie 07/09/2013 at 11:25 am

    from what i have seen, i think it will be entertaining and it will be a great pleasure to read it. visit for more

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