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Cyborg Added to Batman vs Superman

Derreck Mayer 04/25/2014 Movies and TV

Man of Steel 2, also known as Batman vs Superman is quickly becoming known as Justice League and that has been helped even more this week as yet another hero has been cast for the DC Comics film. We already knew about the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, plus several rumors about a possible Green Lantern character. But this week, we got Cyborg. Ray Fisher, most notably known for his stage performances, has been cast as Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg.  We’ve got a picture of Ray, below. I think he certainly looks the part but I’m becoming nervous for the film as a whole. Check out past the jump for my take on the mistakes DC is making here.

Ray Fisher - Cyborg

Ray Fisher – Cyborg

Let’s look at Marvel. Marvel set up an incredible cinematic universe that stands on its own, regardless of the comic book lore. Avengers didn’t even hit theaters until Marvel had released not two, not three but five individual Marvel hero films (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, Hulk, and Thor). DC clearly wants to take advantage of this by coming out with a Justice League film but with Nolan’s Batman done, all we have is one Superman film, Man of Steel, to go off of.

This leaves several problems. First, we have no background for Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash or Aquaman (the primary Justice League players), nor Cyborg. Second, do we keep Nolan’s Batman story as his origin or are we rebooting the character with Batfleck (remember, Ben Affleck is Batman now).

I’ve always been more of a DC guy but I’ve got to hand it to Marvel. They’ve done an outstanding job with their respective franchises and it makes me proud to be a nerd. DC is making me nervous. My only hope is that they cast someone like Idris Elba as a Jon Stewart Green Lantern.

What are your thoughts on the Cyborg casting and what appears to be a Justice League film?

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