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Curicon Launches Social Network For Collectors

Jordamus Prime 05/25/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Today, May 25th, is Nerd Pride Day! What better way to celebrate than with the launch of an all new social network specifically geared towards nerds and collectors alike! Curicon is proud to announce the launch of their all new online social network for collectors that will revolutionize the way fans can organize and manage their collections of comics, toys and even video games!


Curicon set to revolutionize the world of geek and pop-culture fanatics worldwide
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, May 25th2012: Today, International Nerd Pride Day, Australian start-up Curicon has made its stand as the new home of the collector,geek and pop-culture fanatic.



The new social network for collectors of geek and pop culture announced the official launch of its website which boasts a growing library containing over120,000 items. Around this core library, the site provides features which are desperately needed by online collectors. Simple collection management and a social community platform connect collectors by their interests all around the world. The library contains a wide variety of collectibles; almost 400 brands across 2,000categories including comic books,action figures, dolls, vinyl figures, trading cards, miniatures and games consoles.


Matt Byrne - CEO 2 Curicon“We’re not the first to create a collectors website but we’re almost certainly the best” said CEO and co-founder of Curicon Matt Byrne (27), “Curicon is designed by collectors for collectors. We have developed an intelligent technology, which helps collectors manage and build their collections and access expert advice with an ease not previously possible. We aim to create a unique user experience by building the largest interactive database of collectibles on the web. We’re extremely proud of the finished product because it has been shaped by feedback from collectors in over 35 countries so we know this is the platform collectors everywhere have been waiting for.”



Designed and built by a young team of fanatical collectors, Curicon was borne out of necessity as Byrne sees it. “The idea for Curicon came in early 2011 when I was searching for the final card that was missing from my Marvel Masterpieces set. Because it was out of print, there was no efficient way to get it and my only option was to look through auction sites over and over again. I just thought how great it would be if there was a site that would be able to tell me who has that particular card so I could approach them with an offer. The idea just grew and grew”


The core features of Curicon comprise:


Nerd Image Curicon
Community– Curicon is a place for collectors to come together. Collecting is a social hobby and Curicon allows collectors to connect around interests, message, follow collectors/events/vendors, publish status updates, engage in discussions and ask or answer questions within the community and submit questions about their passion in the Q&A section. The Q&A section is a place where collectors can ask questions of fellow collectors, such as the best way to store their comics or the acceptable grading method for trading cards. The Discussion section is a more social forum where users can debate the merits of Gosho dolls vs. Dunny or discuss upcoming events.

Collection Management-  Using intelligent technology, Curicon allows collectors to upload and manage their collections, indicating what they currently have, what they’ve had and what they want.

Interactive library of collectibles– The library is a constantly expanding database of collectibles,which users can contribute to. Once the submitted contribution has been approved, users will be rewarded in reputation (rep) points.
Curicon is free to use and you are invited to create your account here.

“A true collector knows that collecting is aquasi-religion; a way of life that infuses the essence of one’s being. It ispart concept, part process and part belief, alternately emotional, intellectualand sometimes both at once” – Michael Mendelsohn, Art Collector & Writer


As a big time toy and comic collector, this writer for one is very excited about the potential of Curicon! It looks to be an excellent way to organize your collections and interact with other like minded collectors too! Let us know what you think of Curicon in the comments section below!

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  1. Jordamus Prime 05/25/2012 at 2:30 am

    This sounds pretty awesome! Getting registered right now to start keeping track of my toys and comics!

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