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“Crawl to Me” #2 – Review

Kyle Black 08/04/2011 Reviews

I’ve been frantically awaiting the second installment in Alan Robert’s excellent indie horror comic, Crawl to Me, since I reviewed the first issue. I’ve now read the second part in this four part horror saga, and, as was the case with the first issue, I have nothing but great things to say.

This issue focuses on the psychological horrors that the main character, Ryan, and his wife, Jessica, experience in their new home. The story opens with Ryan and his dog, Max, investigating some strangeness in the basement of the family’s new home. Max goes through a tight crawlspace and all sorts of horrors are unleashed on him and Ryan. Jessica finds Ryan in the basement, without Max, the next morning and sends him off to bed. While Ryan is resting, Jessica goes about unpacking their belongings, and, in the process, goes absolutely mental with a pair of scissors. The issue ends on a decidedly pessimistic tone, with Ryan realizing that his new dream house is turning into a nightmare.

The overall tone of this issue is much less suspenseful than its predecessor; however, the suspense is replaced by a tangible air of psychological horror. Alan wasted no in time in this issue – the insanity is unleashed in the opening pages, and hardly stops by the last. This issue is most definitely more graphic than the last as well, both in images and dialogue. While the first issue focused more on establishing the plot, this one is more focused on bringing us inside the horror that Ryan and Jessica are experiencing, and Alan does that with resounding success. Again, I’d like to really praise Alan’s art style. This issue features a much more nuanced and original style than the first. Liberal blood use, fluid character forms, and absolutely disturbing images occupy the pages. I’m completely captivated by everything within these pages, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more.

You can find out more about Crawl to Me, which is published by IDW, at this website. Issue #1 is already on stands, and Issue #2 should be dropping some time in the next few weeks. Do not miss out on this original, fascinating, indie horror story.

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    Looks kinda gross.

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