I can honestly say that Video Games happen to be one of my strongest passions, as it’s a hobby of mine that I’ve excelled at.

I’d like to call myself a member of the “Leap Generation”, or the individual who got to see the end of one era and the beginning of the next.  I was there, watching over the shoulders of much older boys playing video games like Mario Bros, as well as seeing the awesomeness of Legend of Zelda, in which I never had the ability to play due to the fact that I’m constantly lost in the Zelda, as well as the monsters killed me faster than I killed them. Or, the fact I often got frustrated because I didn’t have the key to a chest that I couldn’t find…Yeah, those were the days.

Soon the Super NES came out, then the Playstation, and I continued to move forward in my epic adventure of…….epic proportions!!  This was followed by the PS2, then the Xbox 360 (the change was due to video games that I saw for the 360 that I wanted more).

The fact was, I found I have pretty good taste in a number of video games…save for the sports/Racer games because I’m fricken terrible at them, and Fighting games I’m usually bad at especially when the douchie CPU keeps blocking all my Super-Epic-Attacks of Awesomeness!

…But I’m rambling.  I like Video Games, I believe that it’s a good way to blow off steam, or get yourself fully immersed when you just want to get away.  A good game can do both, and you can even joke around with buddies if you have online play.  A bad game does not do either, where the CPUs will hand you the arse you once had, or the immersion makes you ill to the stomach.

So here I am, joining Comic Booked to help showing good games and bad games that are coming out during this brand new year, to show you the good parts of the games, the bad and the general idea if the game will be one that you should be able to enjoy, or if it’s just another recycled idea.  Trust me, I’ll be avoiding the obvious copy and pastes that everyone should know by now.

Catch you all very soon!