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Cousin Matt, keeping tabs on Volition!

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It’s kind of funny when you first think of it, Volition can be a developer company that can be very known, or very unknown depending upon who knows anything about them.

At first, Volition was a part of Parallax Software, which was created in 1993 by Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog.  This was the company that created Descent…which to all of you who don’t know is a 3D first person shooter game that gave you the ability of moving in six degrees, compared to the four degrees of most first person shooter.  It was released in 1995 and won a great many awards.

A year later, Descent II was released, and in November, Parallax split to form Outrage Entertainment and Volition Inc.  From 1998 they proceeded to create a number of games yearly, pausing twice between 2003 to 2005, where they created the Punisher, a Playstation 2 loose adaption to the movie that was made a year prior.  Their top hits included:


The Decent/FreeSpace Series
The Summoner Series
The Red Faction Series
The Saints Row Series

Their only game that seemed to have a lesser rating was the Punisher, and even then it was mediocre at best.  Still, when you have games that are that well known throughout the game community, then it is very much an awesome company.

Why did I bring up all this history on Volition?  Because I’m going to be the special correespondant that will keep tabs on the works of Volition for Comic Booked!

If you’ve read my Red Faction: Armageddon article, you know that I am a fan of Volition’s works.  My favorite series above all else being Saints Row, especially the second of the series.   It was a glorious game that I never thought I’d truly get into, but it carried all three of the things that I need to enjoy the game:


1. I like to create things, so a decent character generator.
2. I love to have a cute eye candy
3. I love to laugh, just doing random things in a video game that can get me to laugh is win.

Volition has proven to me it has a lot of my tastes, especially when it came to Saints Row 2 (not my vid, but I did stuff like this).  I made myself a very silly looking girl with mime make up, I could make a girl that I liked from the character generator, and if not there was Shaundi (played by the magnificent Eliza Dushku), and kept doing constant things that even after two years of play, I still keep finding things that make me laugh.

But, to point all that out, Volition has the stuff that I enjoy, and as of current, they have two games that I am equally looking forward to in the future:

Saints Row 3

I caught wind of this a month late, sadly, during the first day of E3.  Heck, I wouldn’t have picked up any info on the game because a good portion of people that were sending word out of games coming out didn’t bring it up, even when Volition had a large event there!  Still, when I bumped into this video late at night, I cried in happy glee and vouched that I will buy this game, which is coming out November 15th of this year.


This was suggested back during Spike TVs video Game Award Ceremony.  The first thing that got my attention was when they introduced the collaborator, Guillermo del Toro, the director of Hellboy 1 and 2, and Pan’s Labrynth.  A Director I liked working on a Video Game, I thought that was pure awesome.  Then they told me the creators was Volition…..Wow, this *is* going to be awesome!

Here’s the link for what I saw during Spike TV, but upon my research, I found out it won’t be until 2013.…well, y’know what my first game of 2013 will be :3.  Still, I got the patience,  I mean, it’s Del Toro doing a game…I promise not to play this all alone in the dark…I promise…

Secret Project Y

…..well, sadly it’s a secret.  It may or may not come out before InSANE, but I’ll keep tabs on it to see what this is all about

Either way, Volition is the company that I find myself liking the most, due to the fact that even if you can’t call them original, you can call them creative.  I can spend hours to days playing one of their games, and figured I’d give you any heads up on anything that Volition is creating. For those who want the occasional update on Volition’s activities, check ComicBooked Forums, as I will be writing a bit more on each of the games the more I find out about them.

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