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Misfits of Avalon Page A Day Preview!

David Hinspeter 03/13/2014 News

These days, readers of popular science fiction and fantasy have the excellent opportunity to see some of their favorite books adapted into graphic novels. Among the already established adaptations of Dresden Files, the Legend of Drizzt, Game of Thrones, Stephen King’s the Dark Tower, and as of last week, the Tales of Honor,  you will shortly be finding Kel McDonald’s Misfits of Avalon.

For those of you who don’t recognize Kel McDonald she has worked on properties such as Sorcery 101, Fame and Misfortune, and Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales. Her young adult series will be fully colored and riding a Dark Horse into your local comic book shop this fall.

Perhaps most noteworthy is McDonald’s pre-release countdown to when Misfits of Avalon hits shelves. Since February 26, one page of the book has been released digitally every weekday, and will continue to be until the book is released.

Misfits of Avalon

Misfits of Avalon follows four reluctant teens as they are recruited from their modern day lives to save the famous isle of Avalon. In a wonderful twist, the four are bound to and empowered to complete their task, which is to stop the rise of King Arthur. But don’t think just because this falls in the magical girl genre that that everything is fairies and rainbows.

“I think part of what makes Misfits of Avalon special is that it is taking the magical-girl genre, which is very focused on the feminine, and combining it with girl characters who don’t entirely fit what we think of as girly,” noted author Kel McDonald.

So hop on and dive in to the Misfits of Avalon page by page and find out what kind of hero holds back King Arthur!

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