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Cosplay Round-Up: Emerald City Comicon 2014

Aidan Vitti 04/05/2014 News

Well it’s Tuesday and I think I’m finally starting to recover from Emerald City Comicon and preparing for it. This year, we somehow finagled a group of 12 of us into Game of Thrones costumes for Saturday’s costume competition. Not only was it the first time most of us have competed in a competition, it was also the first time the majority of us participated in a cosplay group this large! Even crazier, we ended up in line against another Game of Thrones cosplay group and decided we’d rather combine forces than compete against each other. We totaled seventeen at one point, with only one duplicate character (Cat Stark, wearing a different dress than our Cat).

Here’s our favourites from the weekend, compiled by myself and a few of my friends:


So many great costumes – I wish I could have captured them all!

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