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comiXology Present a Flashpoint 3-Day Sale

Michael Wirth 02/02/2012 Reviews

After last week’s announcement of adding over a hundred new series to their digital collection, comiXology gives DC Comics the royal treatment. For three days starting on February 3, the Flashpoint story-arc, the precursor to the New 52, will be on sale for just 99 cents an issue. You can download the entire story in all its glory directly to your iPad, iPhone and Android device, directly through the comiXology app, allowing you to read the story that redefined a universe and set the stage for a company-wide reboot.

Get Flashpoint for 99 cents an issue through comiXology for just 3 days.

Personally, I never read Flashpoint. As a Marvel guy, it went mostly under my radar for so long that when I finally did recognize it, it was too far in to the story for me to want to catch up, and too close to the high publicized reboot to even bother with. However, the more I hear about the story, and the more I realize just how closely it ties into the reboot, the more I regret not reading it. So this comiXology sale comes at a good time for me. I can pick up the core books of the crossover and really delve into it.

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