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ComiXology Offering half off on Moriarty from Image Comics

Jenna D. 05/17/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Sherlock fans can celebrate this weekend with half off comics. To celebrate the premiere of the second season of ,BBC’s Sherlock, comiXology is teaming up with Image comics and there will be a sale on Moriarty comics. Fans can read the half off comics as they look forward to the 2013 release of Sherlock’s third season.



Moriarty CoverTo coincide with the U.S. premier of the second season of the BBC series Sherlock, Image Comics is partnering with comiXology to offer a special half off sale this weekend, May 19th and 20th, on all issues and trade collections of MORIARTY. Fans of all things Holmsian can keep the excitement going with digital issues of MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER and MORIARTY: THE LAZARUS TREE on your iPad, iPhone or Android.


Written by Daniel Corey and illustrated by Anthony Diecidue, MORIARTY is an exciting science fiction adventure series from Image Comics that follows the misdeeds of the original supervillain, Professor James Moriarty, arch nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. From the grimy streets of to the haunting British countryside, underground lairs and superscience labs, Professor Moriarty must forge has way through a world without Sherlock.


“Ever since MORIARTY has gone digital, the comiXology guys have been really great to us,” said creator and writer Daniel Corey “Over the course of a few interviews and getting to know them at WonderCon this year, we came up with the idea of a half-off digital sale that celebrates the U.S. release of Sherlock season 2. I love Moffat and Gatiss’ Sherlock series, and I am a huge fan of Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty.”


The critics have raved about MORIARTY:




“Professor Moriarty is treated with the respect a villain of his caliber should be treated. Pick it up!”Impulse Gamer


“It’s fast-paced, entertaining and extremely clever…”Comiclist


“This comic is a lot of fun. It’s really easy to get caught up in the adventure of MORIARTY and Corey has crafted a villain of such diabolic proportions.”Freakin Awesome Network


“…It’s an incredible adventure that’ll leave you begging for more by the time you reach the final panel.” TOP FIVE BOOKS OF 2011 – Mass Movement Magazine


Don’t miss out on this weekend only half off sale! Don’t forget, MORIARTY from Image Comics is available for download directly from our very own Digital Comic Shop here on Comic Booked!



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