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ComiXology Announces New Self-Publishing Portal

David Gillette 10/11/2012 News, ZDONOTUSE

ComiXology, the largest distributor of digital comic books announced a new submission portal called ComiXology Submit for self-publishers. This new venture opens up the opportunity for independent creators to get in the game.Comixology Submit

ComiXology says, ” Submissions will go through an approval process and when approved comiXology will transform the uploaded work with their Guided View technology – for free. Then the work goes on sale worldwide with the creator and comiXology splitting the profits evenly.” Below is the full press release.

“ComiXology Submit” To Revolutionize Comic Publishing

Free Submission Portal Helps Self-Publishers Everywhere

Revolutionary Open Submission Portal for Revolutionary Digital Comics Platform Begins Invite Only/ Private Beta Phase


October 11th, 2012 – New York, New York – ComiXology, the revolutionary digital comics platform – available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web – unveiled today its brand new free submission portal for self-publishers, “ComiXology Submit.” Debuting with the tagline of “Find Your Audience,” comiXology Submit aims to help comic book creators worldwide monetize their self-published works through comiXology’s digital comics platform that regularly ranks as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App store.


Initially starting out as invite-only/private beta, comiXology Submit will allow creators a free portal to easily access the comiXology platform. Submissions will go through an approval process and when approved comiXology will transform the uploaded work with their Guided View technology – for free. Then the work goes on sale worldwide with the creator and comiXology splitting the profits evenly.


“Publishers have long known that comiXology is the most valuable platform for digital comics in the world and having a way to let self-publishers participate in that is good for our customers, for comiXology and for comics,” said co-founder John D. Roberts. “Having the most diverse material possible serves comiXology’s mission. It’s great that we can now open our platform to self-publishers and deliver a whole new wave of creative works to our customers.”


“When we started comiXology it was with a handful of comics from deals done directly with creators and very small publishers,” said co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “We are happy today, with the announcement of comiXology Submit, that we now have a turnkey system to service this incredibly vital part of the marketplace. ComiXology Submit, helps keep the promise to our customers of having the best and most diverse comic books and graphic novels available worldwide.”


Those interested in being contacted when comiXology Submit becomes open to the public – from self-publishers with one or more comics and graphic novels, to webcomic creators, and even to creators with a short one-shot comic – can enter their contact information on the front page of


For creators wanting to experiment with Guided View storytelling in the vein of such works like Alex DeCampi’s Valentine, Kurt Christenson and Reilly Brown’s Power Play and Marvel’s Infinite Comics there will be a way to select that option as well, when uploading to comiXology Submit.


With the quickly approaching milestone of 100 million comic and graphic downloads, and a selection of nearly 30,000 comics and graphic novels to choose from – and over 900 of those available for free – comiXology securely stands as the market leader in the digital comics and graphic novel space and the go-to platform for newly interested and lapsed comic and graphic novel fans.


ComiXology launched their digital comics platform in July of 2009 as an app on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The digital comics platform was then extended onto the iPad with the iPad’s debut in April of 2010. As 2010 continued, fans saw the extension of the platform to the Web in July 2010 and onto Android at the tail end of that year.


In 2011, digital comic fans saw the platform add Amazon’s Kindle Fire, with the comiXology app available pre-installed when the Kindle Fire launched that November. The end of 2011 also saw comiXology powering three of the top 20 grossing iPad apps – with Comics by comiXology topping number 11 for the entire year.


In July of 2012, comiXology once again extended the revolutionary digital comics platform with the release of a reader app for Windows 8, which was universally hailed on its debut.


Previously, this summer during Comic-Con International, comiXology announced the launch of their all-new Windows 8 reader, followed by unveiling the addition of three new publishers to the comiXology platform – ABRAMS ComicArts, Bongo and Fantagraphics Books. ComiXology and Bongo also launched the Simpsons Comics iOS app that week.


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