Ah! Great times in comics journalism ahead, fellow Comic Booked friends! That said, I am so pleased to be able to kick our new year together off with a very special announcement!!


As you all know I’ve been working closely with Falling Skies over the past year and now as the highly anticipated second season approaches Falling Skies has invited me to join them on set in beautiful Vancouver, Canada for their first international meet-up!


Falling Skies


The trip will run from the 26th-29th and I can’t wait to share all the details with you from my lovely complimentary stay at this gorgeous beast.




Seriously, seriously so stoked!


So tonight was the all-out fabulous blow-out ending to Meltdown Comics‘ 35 days of Eastman. It should be noted Kevin, Digger, and Co really know how to throw a party. Week after week never ceases to be a blast. As always there was booze and live music but tonight there was also the chance to get yourself tattooed on site! Craziness, I know!


Snazzy suit Kevin!

You too, DIgger.


Tonight proved to also be a night of a different sort of comics as Meltdown was also hosting their weekly comedy show. I got a chance to chat with David Spade and Trevor Moore and was pleasantly charmed by each of them.




Definitely a fun guy.


Freaking love WKUK, and who doesn’t dig Spade’s awesome works? Good times. You can catch all of my awesome photos from tonight at Meltdown here!


So yeah. First Wednesday of the new year kicking out of the gate with a bang, but as you well all know the fun won’t be stopping there. See you guys next week! – N


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