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Comics In The City – 02/15/2012

Nicole Sixx 02/15/2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Happy Valentine’s Week all, another week of friends and awesome comics with a side of happy hearts!


First off on Saturday Archaia took over Emerald Knights for one massive signing with amazing creators signing their equally amazing comics as we all hung out and swapped stories. The line up included all of the fantastic names below, and kudos to Emerald Knights for the beautiful signs printed to include each creators work!


*click to view full album*


Also in attendance were some of my fellow Womanthology ladies, including my dear friend the lovely Jenna Busch, miss Janet Lee who was of course there for the signing, Jodi, and our fabulous Events Coordinator Rachel Pandich. Emerald Knights also plans to host a signing of our Womanthology when it drops and so while we were there we also made some time to sign some very special Limited Edition prints for them.



Tuesday of course was Valentine’s Day, aka a day of art and heart as first came my annual Umbrella Academy Dark Horse V-Day tribute. I was so happy to have it enjoyed by Dark Horse and the Umbrella Academy creative team, as well as countless Umbrella Academy fans around the world! Thank you everyone for so many sweet and kind comments, you guys are the best!


On a side note, The Umbrella Academy is a fantastic Eisner Award winning comic written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, arted by Gabriel Ba, edited by the fabulous Scott Allie, and colored by Dave Stewart. (Who is hands down one of my favorite colorists in the game.) Clearly, I highly recommend it.


Valentine’s Day also marked the release of our Womanthology Valentine’s Day special. Thank you again so much to all of you for the kind words, if you’ve yet to read our gift, it’s available to all of you for download here.



Finally Wednesday came with two awesome meet-ups. First I stopped by Meltdown Comics to hang out with my friends Rachel (R.H.) Stavis, and Mr. Dan Fogler as they signed away free copies of their Moon Lake anthology and chatted live with thousands via Stickam. I may be on there a bit too, will pass it on when I see it. Tons of friends popped over to show their support including my good friend Digger Mesch and the smashingly geeky and fabulous duo of Seth Green and Clare Grant. Much fun was definitely had.


*click to view full album*


After hanging with my Archaia pals I headed over to our Hyaena Gallery for “Art Autopsy”, a live art show where my friend, talented artist and lead singer of System Syn Clint Carney led a night of dark art and merriment. The artists each spent the night displaying their own styles, and my friend D.W. Frydenall set about using the time to make certain comic prints of a perhaps rebellious nature. Definitely maybe.


*click to view full album*


All and all an amazing week was had, can’t wait to share the next one with you all! – N

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