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Comicpalooza Reveals More Guests And An Avalanche Of Anime

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Comicpalooza is almost upon us as the clock counts down to the biggest convention in Texas but don’t think that Comicpalooza doesn’t have a few more surprises left to reveal before it’s doors open as they reveal more media guests, artists and some of the top anime voice actors in the industry.

Comicpalooza starts off it’s update by revealing even more media guests from around the entertainment industry including movie and television, plus they reveal the extended stay of a iconic actor.

Edward James Olmos UPDATE – Comicpalooza is proud to announce that Edward James Olmos who is known for his work on Wolfen, Blade Runner, Selena and for his Academy Award Nominated performance in  Stand and Deliver; and has won the hearts of fans for his acclaimed role as Admiral William Adama in the re-imaging of the Syfy channels Battlestar Galactica.

Originally the actor was slated for a Saturday only, but fans can now expect to see the iconic actor All Weekend long so be sure to mark your calendar for this event.Devon Murray Harry Potter

Devon Murray –  Harry Potter fans will rejoice as  the half-blood wizard Seamus Finnegan played by Devon Murray appears at Comicpalooza; the actor is also known for his role as Malachy in Angela’s Ash’s; in addition it was revealed by Daniel Radcliffe on a special feature of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD that Murray had the record for breaking the most number of prop wands during the course of any single film—ten in total.

Meaghan Rath –  Being Human fans know the Canadian as Sally Malik, the tragic ghost who haunts the house of not only the new friends and tenants, but it’s also the home of her boyfriend, Meaghan  has fast gained popularity and is now a rising star with the SyFy Channnel.Meaghan Rath Being Human

Dan Braverman Is known for portraying mafioso-zombie informant Big Al opposite Brandon Routh, Anita Briem and Taye Diggs in TMNT director Kevin Munroe’s Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Detective Sutherland in local director Joe Grisaffi’s similarly titled DVD release Dead of Knight which will be screening at this year’s Comicpalooza), and Hermit in award-winning arthouse film Artois The Goat.

Dan also co-stars as Jorgens in Miguel Alvarez’s Mnemosyne Rising, winner of Best Sci/fi Short at last year’s Dragoncon. Dan guest stars in Friday Night Lights and Prison Break, and has performed in numerous films with such actors as Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks, Rachael Leigh Cook and Maniac Cop himself, Robert Z’Dar.

Furthermore, he appears in Lars The Emo Kid, that will also be screening at Comicpalooza. Dan’s latest project is Lara Croft director Simon West’s Medallion, with Nicolas Cage. Dan resides in Galveston with his wife Holly.

Comicpalooza continues to build a impressive list of comic book talent from all over the country that spans a wide range of genres from across the comic book industry.

Don Kramer – Is one of DC Comics rising stars and is currently working for DC on JSA, Nightwing, Detective Comics, and is now assigned to the Wonder Woman series.

Alejandro Garza – Has worked for Wildstorm studios a division of DC Comics. His artwork featured on titles like Gen-13, Dv8, Stormwatch and WildC.A.T.S., Ninja Boy, and Skye Runner.

Later he  he took the reigns on Batgirl, Supergirl, and Teen Titans, elevating those title to new levels. Marvel comics soon came knocking, and Alé was soon featured on Spider-Man, and key X-men Characters.

Most recently his work has been featured on Fathom volume 3 for Aspen Comics, Cable, and Superman/ Batman, along with cover work for various publishers.

Phil Hester – Starting as a penciler he’s worked on Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, Superman: Confidential and Ant-Man, working with writers such as Kevin Smith, Robert Kirkman and Brian Bendis. While penciling he slowly transitioned into writing, taking on a number of projects for Dynamite, including working on one of Alex Ross’ Project Superpowers books, The Black Terror.

Currently Hester is writing Wonder Woman for DC, taking plot direction from J. Michael Straczynski, Green Hornet for Dynamite, taking over the book from Kevin Smith, The Darkness for Top Cow/Image, as well as providing pencils on the recent Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters book, being co-written by Eric Powell, of The Goon fame, and Tracy Marsh.

Terrance ZdunichIn 2008 Terrance Zdunich burst onto the scene as the fan-favored graverobber in the sci-fi horror film Repo! The Genetic Opera, a project he nurtured from page to stage and screen for over 10 years. Repo! previewed his artistic talents as well, featuring his drawings in the animated sequences.

Terrance’s current project is The Molting, an independently released 12-part graphic novel. Set in the early ‘90s, The Molting tells the tale of a dysfunctional American family in the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth” exploring the horror and beauty of everyday life.

In addition to the great media and comic book guests, Comicpalooza brings some of the top talent in Anime and Manga industries by bringing fans some of the best voice actors and actresses in the business today.

Leraldo Anzaldua (Komuro Takashi) SATURDAY ONLY – Appearing courtesy of In addition to his role as the male lead in High School of The Dead, Leraldo’s other anime credits include Ken/G-1 in Gatchaman, Zed in Kiba, in addition to nearly 100 titles.

A Certified Teacher of Stage Combat with the Society of American Fight Directors, Leraldo has worked at the Tony-winning Alley Theatre as both an actor and fight director in such productions as Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Hitchcock Blonde, Wait Until Dark, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other theater credits include Houston Grand Opera, Theatre Under The Stars, and the Houston Shakespeare Festival.

Leraldo has worked as motion capture fight director and talent for several video games including The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (as Riddick), Just Cause, and Knights of the Temple: The Infernal Crusade.

Maggie Flecknoe (Saya Takagi) SATURDAY ONLY – Appearing courtesy of – Maggie is the host of the provocative syndicated entertainment show Online Dish, as well as a television host, writer and online commentator for the CW affiliate KIAH.

Maggie began her broadcasting career as the entertainment reporter and traffic anchor for 790 “The Sports Animal”, and as a reporter for News Radio 740 KTRH. When not broadcasting, Maggie performs on stage, previously performing at the Alley Theatre and Texas Repertory Theaters. She has lent her unique voice talents to such anime series as Red Garden, Clannad, Demon King Daimao, and Guin Saga to name a few.

Maggie is graduated with honors from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and studied at Harvard where she earned a Masters degree in theater from the Moscow Art Theatre.

Steven Foster (Writer, Director) SATURDAY ONLY – Appearing courtesy of – Steven Foster has been working in the anime industry for over a decade, noted for his scripting (both faithful and wildly adaptive interpretations) and directing, as well as his work capturing the action behind the scenes.

Play Magazine proclaimed, “Foster is the g0-to guy for eclectic animation,” and the Anime Insider said, “We’re even happier when Foster jumps behind the camera for his live-action material.” Steven has been named Producer of the Year by both Play Magazine and Anime Insider, and, as ADR writer and director, won Best Horror Anime for Gilgamesh, Best Comedy Anime for Ghost Stories, and Anime of the Year for Le Chevalier d’Eon.

He has also worked on megahits Appleseed: Ex Machina and Halo: Legends, based on the billion-selling game franchise. In 2006, Out Magazine placed Steven on their annual Hot 100 List.

Taylor Hannah (Saeko Busujima) SATURDAY ONLY – Appearing courtesy of – Taylor has been acting since she was five years old and modeling since she was fifteen, which is when she landed her first anime role in The Super Milk-Chan Show.

Since then, Taylor has appeared in close to 50 anime titles such as Gilgamesh, Le Chevalier d’Eon, Ghost Stories, Red Garden, and This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. Her modeling career has taken Taylor to Australia, New York, Miami, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, and South Africa, and she has appeared as the face of Maybelline, Garnier Fructis, and been in campaigns for Target, Palmers, as well as in editorial for numerous international publications, including O Magazine.

In 2007, she landed on the cover of Anime Insider magazine as one of the Babes of Anime.

Mark X Laskowski (Kohta Hirano) SATURDAY ONLY – Appearing courtesy of – Since moving to Houston sixteen years ago, Mark has appeared in numerous anime series, as well as appearing on stage in Houston and around the country.

Mark’s anime credits include RahXephon, Excel Saga, Gasaraki, Golgo 13, Kanon, and Halo: Legends. He has appeared on stage in such productions as Avenue X at Theatre LaB, Sunday in the Park with George at Masquerade Theatre, as well as at Main Street, and the Little Room Downstairs. Mark has also appeared in the national tour of the Broadway production of OKLAHOMA! Mark lives in Houston with his wife, actress Julia Kay.

Monica Rial (Shizuka Marikawa) SATURDAY ONLY – Appearing courtesy of –  Monica has been working in the anime voice industry for over 12 years and is one of the genre’s most popular and versatile performers, appearing in over 200 anime features and series. When not lending her voice to anime hits, Monica’s considerable talents can be seen as both writer and and occasional director.

Monica has appeared in such hits as Chrono Crusade, Azumanga Daioh, Noir, Trinity Blood, Excel Saga, The Super Milk-Chan Show, Claymore, One Piece, Ghost Stories, Colorful!, Gasaraki, Witchblade, and the megahit Fullmetal Alchemist. Currently, Monica can be heard on Nicktoons and the CW as Bulma in Dragonball Z Kai.

Brittney Karbowski FRIDAY ONLY – Brittney Karbowski started voice acting right out of high school at ADV films-which is now Seraphim Entertainment appearing as Gilgamesh in Fuko, Mone in Yumeria, Aoba in Jinki Extend, and Reiya in Detective Loke Ragnarok.

Soon after she was all over the place with roles such as Himeko from Pani Poni Dash, Momo in Xenosage the animation, Franca in Coyote Ragtime, Ayu in Kannon, Anna in Le Chevalier, and Ku in Shattered Angels just to name a few. This led to her working with Funimation Entertainment as Mai in My Santa, Nina in Save Me Lollipop!, Kiko in Darker Than Black, Anri in Sasami, and Sia in Shuffle.

Now she’s still working at both studios and her recent works include: Ghost Hound, Blue Drop, Halo Legends:Odd One Out, Shin Chan, Apis in One Piece, Yuu in Master of Marshal Hearts, Cal/Drei in Phantom, Selim Bradley/Pride in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood,  and Black Star in Soul Eater!

Comicpalooza has not forgotten the fans of Cosplay; this year the convention promoters have brought in some of the best Cosplayer’s around the state and the country, in addition some of the best and brightest Cosplayer groups will groups will also be on hand to meet and mingle with fans.

Amaya De’Morte – Amaya De’Morte first began making her own costumes in 2004 when, in a fit of frustation, her mother told her that she’d no longer tackle the insane projects she wanted to tackle.

After that, there was no looking back and costumes were created in everything from moving cars to late night parties at the conventions themselves. Through the years she has done everything from Sci-fi to Fantasy and Comics to Steampunk and all the inbetweens possible. A recent graduate of the University of North Texas with a BFA in Fashion design, her love of costumes has only doubled since then and sparked the creation of a custom costume, desing and alternative fashion design house- Melancholic.

Jace Moore – As an artist with an interest in movie monsters, animation, fashion design and a life-long love of dress up play, Jace Moore was easily lured into the world of cosplay in 1998.

Jace instantly fell in love with the process of creative problem solving, and unusual methods and materials required to step into the role of beloved characters and bring their challenging designs into the real world.  Since then, Jace has made numerous anime, video game, fantasy , comic book, sci-fi, and original character costumes and props, many of them for friends and family.

Jace has hosted panels on costume construction since 2002, and finds that the most enjoyable parts of the cosplay hobby are sharing knowledge and encouraging others to have fun bringing their favorite characters to life.  Jace is excited to meet new friends and cosplay enthusiasts at Comicpalooza, and looks forward to seeing you at the costume panels and Cosplay Contest.

Twinzik – Twinzik was created in mid-2006 by Texas twins Hee-Hee and Hopie (“Twinzik” refers to that psychic all twins share).

The two have been cosplaying for about five years, and in that time, have participated in walk-ons, skits, and hosting panels. So far, Twinzik has competed in fifteen masquerade competitions, and have won twelve awards, including five Best in Show and four Best Skits.

Twinzik is excited to attend Comicpalooza this year, and look forward to meeting new friends in a whole new genre of convention.

Brad West & Beau Cone – Brad West and Beau Cone have been making costumes together for over ten years. This dynamic design duo met at art school and are also an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator, respectively.

Rabid comics and sci-fi fans, Brad and Beau, and their custom costume business, Outrageous Outfits ( bring their love for super-fashion to fans around the country for conventions and events. In addition, they are proud members of the Heroes Alliance volunteer organization, a dedicated group of costumers who bring joy and hope to those in need of real life superheroes.


George R. Brown Convention Center
3rd Floor
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, TX 77010

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