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ComicPalooza Announces Artists Schedule

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Comic Booked continues it’s coverage of the upcoming Comicpalooza Comic Book And Media Convention that will be rolling into Houston, Texas once again this year May 27th – May 29th; bringing with it a whole host of media and comic book guests, and events.

In the last article, Comic Booked covered the media guests that will be attending the convention such as Edward James Olmos, movie star and the star of Battlestar Galactica, Deke Anderson and Nick Anderson from the upcoming Green Lantern movie, James  and Oliver Phelps from the Harry Potter movies, actress, scream queen, and writer, and star of the original horror classic Night Of The Demons, Linnea Quigley, and the Candyman himself Tony Todd.

In addition to these great media guests Comicpalooza is also hosting some of comicdoms best known artists that will be attending this years convention; there will be artists that will span the comic book genre .

Artist Guests


Award winning creator and Marvel artist Arthur Suydam’s meteoric rise to superstardom for his work for the smash hit series Marvel Zombies broke graphic novel records, immediately placing the artist in the category of comic legend.

Arthur Suydam was recently honoured with: the Spike TV Scream Award (best writer, best artist, best comic of the year) Suydam’s short story Christmas Carol was chosen for inclusion in The Mammoth Book of Horror and Legends for best comic horror stories of all time and The Art of Painted Comics (2008). Recently honored with inclusion in Spectrum 14: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Suydam was also honoured with the prestigious Gold Award in Spectrum 12, in 2006, the San Sebastian Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and numerous fan-site favorite awards across the globe.

Suydam’s popular covers have graced the covers of Deadpool , Marvel Zombies, Dead Days, Marvel Zombies 2, Marvel Zombies3, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Herc, X-men, Ghost Rider, Thor, Spider Girl, Black Panther, Oz Chronicles and more. In 2008 Marvel released an exclusive hard cover tribute to the works of this unique artist entitled Marvel Zombies: The Covers dedicated to Suydam’s ground breaking work.

Additional recent works include, Dynamite’s Army of Darkness, Savage Tales, Red Sonja and the smash hit Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies and Raise the Dead. Past works include work on Batman, Batman vs. Predator, Conan the Barbarian, and Tarzan: House of Secrets.

Suydam’s own projects are numerous and include Mudwogs and Mudwogs IIThe Adventures of Cholly & Flytrap: Center City, When Giants Walk the Earth, Bedtime Stories for the Incarcerated, Fireflies, The Day it Rained Eggs , Love Me, Love My Demon and many more.

As a world class musician Suydam has composed and performed numerous film soundtracts. A list of Suydam’s band members reads like a whos-who list of Rock’s legends including musicians from Bob Dylan, Paul Mc Cartney’s wings, Steely Dan, Paul Simon group, Aretha Franklin, The Stones, Billy Joel and many more . Suydam’s current group The Gotham Playboys recorded 3 albums and won the Grammy for The Sessions with Bruce Springsteen.

Suydam is a member of the Society of Illustrators and lives and works in Manhattan’s East Village.

JOE EISMA – Joe Eisma is a primarily self-taught artist who has been working in comics since 2005. Currently, he the artist & co-creator of Image Comics’ hit series, Morning Glories. His other works include Notorious, Dynamo 5, Existence 3.0 & We the People.

In addition to comics, he also works as a video game artist; having worked on titles for the Nintendo DS, iPhone, Wii & Xbox platforms as an animator, 3d & concept artist. He resides in the Dallas area with his wife & son.

LARRY ELMORE – A born illustrator, artist Larry Elmore has been creating fantasy and science fiction art for over 20 years. While working as a staff artist at TSR, Inc., he helped set the standard for gaming art in the role-playing genre. Though he has created cover art for Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D and other gaming books, he may be best known for his work on the Dragonlance series.

He is also the creator of the Sovereign Stone series and the coauthor of Runes of Autumn. A fan favorite, Larry is a living legend in the world of fantasy art.

ANDY KUHN – Andy Kuhn has been drawing comics since 1989. But that’s not all he does. Andy pencils, letters, colors and inks—he’s even been known to write. He has worked on comics such as Spider-Man and X-Men for Marvel, Digimon for Dark Horse, The Flash and Green Lantern for DC Comics, and Savage Dragon and FireBreather for Image Comics, among many, many others. Cartoon Network will be airing an animated movie of FireBreather in the fall of 2010. .

BOB LAYTON – Bob Layton is one of the comics industry’s true visionaries at every level – creator, writer, artist, designer, and entrepreneur. If you’ve seen the Iron Man movies, then you’re familiar with Bob’s work as the DVD extras make clear. Bob (along with his creative partner David Michelinie), reinvented the Iron Man comic, taking it from near-cancellation to one of comics’ all-time bestselling series. Their classic Iron Man story “Demon in a Bottle” was recently voted “one of the top 20 comic stories of all time” by the industry’s own.

Bob also launched the first mini-series in comics’ history at Marvel with his highly-praised Hercules—Prince of Power. Bob also revived the original X-Men characters at Marvel with his groundbreaking hit series — X-Factor. While at Marvel, Bob designed Mattel’s highly-successful Marvel Secret Wars toy line (just re-released by Hasbro Toys).

Bob was instrumental to Valiant Comics’ success — first as co-architect of the Valiant Universe and then, as it’s Editor-In-Chief/Senior VP. Layton’s successes led to Acclaim’s acquiring Valiant for $65M.

Bob recently moved to Hollywood and has turned his attentions to developing new properties for motion pictures and television, including The Helix motion picture screenplay (Olmos Productions/Fuzeinc), scripting for Nickelodeon’s Iron Man Armored Adventures  and the new comedy/horror film, Shambler, which are all currently in development.
Still keeping a hand in comics, Bob returns to Marvel this year (as co-plotter and inker) on his four-issue mini-series Iron Man Forever.

DAVID MACK – Groundbreaking artist David Mack is best known as the creator of Kabuki, the innovative comic book series featuring surreal dreamscapes and imaginative artwork in mixed media. He has also worked on several Marvel Comics books, such as Alias, Daredevil and The New Avengers. David has toured the globe exhibiting his work in galleries and museums, receiving acclaim from all corners of the world of art.

He’s currently working with the Philip K. Dick Estate to adapt the sci-fi master’s work to graphic novels at Marvel Comics, co-writing a new Daredevil story with Brian Michael Bendis, as well as developing a live-action film based on Kabuki—one more artistic medium for David to add to his palette.

TERRY MOORE – Terry Moore has been writing and drawing critically acclaimed comic books since 1993, beginning with his classic series, Strangers In Paradise. Published through his own company, Abstract Studio, Strangers In Paradise won numerous industry awards including the Eisner Award and the National Cartoonists Reuben Award for Best Comic Book and is published in fourteen languages. It continues to be a favorite among comic book fans worldwide.

Moore’s current ongoing series, Echo, has been widely acclaimed and won the 2009 Harvey Award for Best New Comic. Echo is published internationally to a growing audience and Echo: Moon Lake was recently named a Great Graphic Novel for Teens 2009.

Known for his insightful character development, Terry was tapped by Marvel Comics to write the popular series Runaways and Spider-man Loves Mary Jane. His run on these books has won over mainstream and indy fans alike.

For more artist updates be sure to stay tuned to Comic Booked and visit the Comicpalooza website; also be sure to visit Comic Booked for more news on our next articles where we will feature author and anime guests.

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