I’m sure everyone has seen the videos and pictures of the recent devastation that hit the town of Joplin, MO yesterday. Images of a town destroyed have been everywhere, the hardest to look at probably being the hospital with all it’s windows blown out and destruction all around it.

For those who may have missed it, reports say a mile-wide tornado, claimed to be the worst in the US in 6 decades, cut a path of destruction about 3 miles long yesterday.
Recent reports put the toll of lives lost around 90. 20-30% of the town no longer exists including the High School and Hospital.

For the lives lost, the people trapped and being rescued and the wholesale destruction of a town there is one shining beacon. People survived. They survived, and they are pulling together. Mother Nature’s wrath is awesome to behold but the human spirit is stronger. Aid is flooding in, people are willing to donate time and money to help those people who had their lives totally uprooted.

One business in Joplin has survived this devastation and is stepping up to help those who need it. It’s the local comic book store, Hurley’s Heroes.
They survived the tornado. They have electricity, running water, even canned food, clothes and bottled water. But most importantly, they are offering to help anyone they can.

Chances are, after a storm of this magnitude, there isn’t anyone in Joplin who can read this but, if there is an off chance of it, here goes.

From the Hurley’s Heroes blog:

WE ARE HERE. WE WANT TO HELP. We will be open at 10th and Maiden Lane as long as it takes. We have a safe undamaged building with electricity and running water. We have some canned food, clean clothes, and a bit of bottled water. If ANYONE needs ANYTHING please get ahold of us. The store is 417-782-6642, and Jason’s cell is 417-499-6994 we will try our hardest to help you, or find someone who can.

Anyone who wants to come by and help us help others, please do. We could use more bottled water, non perishable food items, and clean clothes. Get ahold of us at the above numbers, email [email protected], or come by the store.

This is truely a devastating thing that’s happened. Words fail, on nearly every level, to describe the full impact of this storm. But there are people who can help. If you are able to, please stop in and know you have a place to get some help. The same goes if you want to help and are in the area. Volunteers are welcome and appreciated.

For those of us who aren’t in the area and are still wanting to help there is an option. The Heart of Missouri United Way is taking donations. Visit their website for details or text “JOPLIN” to 864833. This will make a $10 donation on your behalf and you should also know that 100% of it will go to help those who need it now.