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Comic Review – Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2

David Vandervliet 05/31/2012 Reviews

You got your Star Trek in my Doctor Who!

You got your Doctor Who in my Star Trek!

It’s two, two, two  classic sci fi series in one!

Written by IDW’s Star Trek writers Scott & David Tipton, with help from Tony Lee, the former writer of the Doctor Who ongoing series, with painted art by J.K Woodward, brings together the crew of the Enterprise-D together with the TARDIS crew to face two of the greatest threats  from their respective universes, The Borg and the Cybermen in a little story entitled Assimilation 2.

It’s harDoctor Who Star Trek Assimilation2d to believe that over the 45+ years these two series have been in existence that this is the first time that there has ever been an official crossover event. (Star Trek first premiered in 1966. Doctor Who will celebrate its 50th nniversary next year, having debuted in 1963.)  But the fates have finally aligned themselves, as Doctor Who’s popularity is at an all time high in the United States, and IDW currently holds the comic book license to both franchises paving the way for this 8 issue  miniseries.

The series starts on of the idyllic worlds of the Federation, Delta IV (if you saw Star Trek the Motion Picture, you know about the Deltans, if you didn’t it doesn’t matter) as they are suddenly invaded by the Borg.  The planet is caught completely off guard.  The Borg didn’t even give them their “We are the Borg” speech,  just assimilating first and… no that’s it, just assimilating.  And they don’t come alone, they  bring friends, the Cybermen.  It’s a combination that even a armada of Federation Starships may not be able to overcome.

But we don’t find out…  as the action moves to Earth, and Ancient Egypt.  Where the Doctor, in his eleventh regeneration, and his trusty companions, Amy Pond (that girl who waited) and her husband Rory (the guy who waited even longer) are living a Cecil B. DeMille epic, (chariot races, swashbuckling escapes).  After some craziness, the last of Time Lords saves the day again, this time preventing an alien from using the Nile River to power his starship, and in the process, ignite half the atmosphere, wiping out life on Earth, or as the Doctor likes to call it, Tuesday.

While this first issue delivered on the action, big time.   A full scale planetary invasion and a chariot race in one comic?  When does that happen?  But the story never feels rushed.   The Brothers Tipton pace the action just right, mixing huge set piece action, with personal moments.   All looking fantastic the whole time, too!  I have to admit, I’ve not come across Mr. Woodward’s work before.  I think this series may be the one that makes him huge, like Alex Ross huge.  I am just blown away by how great this book looks!  Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill (The Doctor Who cast) are spot on.  And he creates so many amazing worlds,  in the span of 10 pages, we go from an alien planet in the 24rd century (the Star Trek portion of this story takes place during the show’s 5th season) to ancient Egypt, to the apparent streets of San Francisco in the 1940’s. Woodward also threw in a nice little homage to the classic Doctor Who series (Did you see it?  Look at the street scene here)

Now of course, I was a little bummed that we didn’t get to see the casts of these two series actually interact, in fact we don’t get to see any of the Enterprise crew until the very last panel.  But hey, you have to save something for issue 2, right?

This series is sure to satisfy fans of both franchises, or scifi fans who love great art and writing.

Get down to your local comics shop, and get this book now! or you can get it digitally, here

My Score…… 9.5 of 10

Star Trek:The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2
From IDW Publishing
A $3.99 comic, 32 pgs

Written by Scott & David Tipton, with Tony Lee
Art by J.K. Woodward
Cover byJ.K. Woodward
Variant by Giovanna Niro

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