Not all epic battles are fought on the pages of comic books, some of the most meaningful battles are fought battling illiteracy. Usually I write pieces that are of a lighter note, but illiteracy is something that makes me wonder how children in this day and age of so many amazing authors, the internet, and all the blogs you can read can honestly not read or have low level reading comprehension. Now if you want statistics just Google in illiteracy and there will be hundreds of pages that pop up telling you one thing or another, but for me it boils down to boredom.

I was a kid that struggled with reading, I was a slow reader and found it almost impossible to pay attention to simply words on paper. These were stories that I couldn’t relate to, and in not caring about them I lost a few steps in reading that took me some time to get back. There were people forcing me to read, as I get older I realized they were helping me, but I think it was a failed attempt to do so because it pushed me further from interest. It wasn’t until I started getting into comics that reading became a part of my life, I not only was reading stacks of comic books, but reading novels dealing in science fiction and fantasy. These were things that drew my interest, and brought me into appreciating older books like “The Canterbury Tales” by Chaucer, “Paradise Lost” by Dante, and many others.

The key was comics, they brought my imagination to life and inspired me to write my own stories and explore the depths of my imagination. Comic book companies have been fighting illiteracy for a very long time, and with the creation of Free Comic Book Day they have taken a strong step in the right direction. With the wide range of cuts that the school system is making programs that evolve childrens artistic sides are being taken away and it is up to those that love and care about these children to be introduced to these artistic areas and comic books are possibly the best open door one can find. They range from all ages to adults story wise, they have some of the top artists in the world bringing these books to life and they are a widely recognized area of literature.

I know with this article I’m merely speaking from my experience, I’m in no way a professional nor do I have statistics to back up my claims, but does that truly devalue the worth of helping your son or daughter read? I know I can read three 500 page books at a time and have written stories, as well as work on a writer on here due to comics. Sites like The Comic Book Project  are there to help show that comics can accomplish much.

If you have a similar story share it here on the comments and within the forums.