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Comic Booked’s Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Jeremy Boreske 11/04/2011 Reviews

Listen up  guys and ghouls! It’s time to announce the winners to this years Halloween Costume Contest! I really wish we would have had a few more submissions, but this contest was set up pretty quickly last minute so there wasn’t a lot of notice for you all. We’re going to try to plan ahead better for more contests in the future! We still got a lot of great costumes but there can be only one! And of course a runner- up. So without having to make you wait any longer here it goes!

-First place winner – Scott Pallo with his hand made, self dyed costume(s), Zan and Jayna-The Wonder Twins.The wonder Twins fan made costumes.


-Runner-up – Brandon Schlessinger as a creepy freakin chainsaw wielding clown.

runner-up  Killer Klown


Good stuff guys, congratulations to our winners! Brandon I’ve got your address. Scott I need you to send me your  actual address, so I can get those prizes out to you. I Hope everyone had a spooktastical Halloween and keep your eyes peeled for our November contest which we will announced very soon for another chance to win from Comic Booked in November.  Thanks to everyone that entered, it was difficult to pick just one winner but that is just how it works.  Remember who Loves ya,  Comic Booked!

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