Hello fellow Geeks and Dolls! Welcome to the real voting round! This is where the playing field will become statistically level so make sure you make every vote count! Giants will topple, Buffy will face Spider-Man, and many an underdog will have a shot to sneak into the next round at the cost of one of their own.


As for myself, I can’t help but imagine the full awesomeness of a real-life battle between Captain Cold and Doc Doom.


That said! “Let Mortal Kombat, BEGIN”!!



Cheetah vs. The Sinestro Corps [polldaddy poll=”4734038″]

The Legion of Doom vs. Pretorius [polldaddy poll=”4734044″]


Doctor Doom vs. Captain Cold [polldaddy poll=”4734048″]


Killian vs. The Joker [polldaddy poll=”4734051″]

The Empire vs. Norman Osborn [polldaddy poll=”4734062″]

The Leader vs. Jacqueline Natla [polldaddy poll=”4734068″]

Red Skull vs. Lex Luthor [polldaddy poll=”4734069″]

Twilight vs. The Violator [polldaddy poll=”4734071″]

Thulsa Doom vs. The Brotherhood of Evil [polldaddy poll=”4734078″]

Rasputin vs. Labrazio [polldaddy poll=”4734083″]

Hazel & Cha Cha vs. Hikiji [polldaddy poll=”4734086″]

The Mandarin vs. The Brotherhood of Mutants [polldaddy poll=”4734093″]

Loki vs. Bullseye [polldaddy poll=”4734098″]

Kenneth Irons vs. Angelus [polldaddy poll=”4734102″]



Captain America vs. The Fantastic Four [polldaddy poll=”4735933″]

Wonder Woman vs. Conan [polldaddy poll=”4735941″]

Miyamoto Usagi vs. Witchblade [polldaddy poll=”4735952″]

Spawn vs. Thor [polldaddy poll=”4735959″]

The Wildcats vs. B.P.R.D. [polldaddy poll=”4735968″]

The Flash vs. The Darkness [polldaddy poll=”4735973″]

The Hulk vs. Savage Dragon [polldaddy poll=”4735980″]

Superman vs. The Goon [polldaddy poll=”4735984″]

The Mask vs. The Teen Titans [polldaddy poll=”4735991″]

Batman vs. Fathom [polldaddy poll=”4736002″]

The Watchmen vs. Daredevil [polldaddy poll=”4736010″]

The Umbrella Academy vs. The Doom Patrol [polldaddy poll=”4736025″]

Buffy vs. Spider-Man [polldaddy poll=”4736031″]

The Green Lantern Corps vs. The Rebel Alliance [polldaddy poll=”4736039″]


You may have noticed some minor changes! All of these changes were made due to suggestions from you guys so thank you so much! Also, Dark Horse Comics is hosting their own awesome Dark Horse character face-off so keep a close eye on their twitter and facebook to participate in the next round!

Will be back on later to post up the winners from the “First Four” and their place on the chart! In the meantime please let me know who you cast your awesome votes for and why. – N

[polldaddy poll=”4734048″]