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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 – Voices Review

Timothy Jackson 04/17/2014 Movies and TV

When Yoda starts hearing the voice of long dead Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, he starts on a quest to finish what the late Jedi could not. If you’re looking for the previous Clone Wars reviews, look no further than here. Warning! Spoilers abound in this article.


Yoda hears Qui-Gon’s voice in his meditation chamber.

“Voices” starts with Yoda in his meditation chamber. He is confused when Qui-Gon starts talking to him. He becomes even more puzzled when the dead Jedi Master starts levitating items in the room… even Yoda himself. I particularly enjoyed the references to the Mortis arc in which Obi-Wan and Anakin spoke to what they believed were illusions. Remembering this, Yoda asks Anakin about it. It was interesting seeing the Jedi Master actually asking Anakin for advice. It shows the wisdom of Yoda that he is willing to ask the perspective of a much younger Jedi Knight.


The Jedi Council attempt to enhance Yoda’s connection to the force with no results.

Also of interest in this episode was the group meditation of the Jedi Council. Yoda announces that he has been hearing Qui-Gon to the Council. They then gather around Yoda in an attempt to enhance his connection to the force. When this does not yield a response, the Council starts to think that Yoda might be going crazy. They put Yoda under the care of a Jedi doctor.

“Disobeying the Council, your expertise is.”


Yoda asks Anakin about Mortis.

Once again, however, Anakin plays a key role in helping Yoda out. Knowing that the Council has more or less put him under lock and key, Yoda asks Anakin’s help in escaping. Qui-Gon has told him that Dagobah is where he must go in order to commune with him. In an interesting move, Anakin offers Artoo’s assistance. This is interesting since the astromech droid will return to the swamp planet in The Empire Strikes Back.

Upon arriving on Dagobah, Qui-Gon guides Yoda to the very place where Luke will have his dark side vision in The Empire Strikes Back. This was a cool nod to the original trilogy and was not the only thing of interest. When Yoda enters the tree, he sees a series of visions. There is dialogue and footage taken directly from Revenge of the Sith. However, it is vague enough that Yoda cannot piece it all together.


A vision of what is to come in Revenge of the Sith.

“Voices” is an important episode for one particular reason: we are finally leading to an explanation as to how the Jedi maintain their identity in the force. Throughout the prequels, the Jedi die but their bodies remain. This is contrary to when they die in the original trilogy and their bodies disappear. The idea is that a Jedi, when he dies, becomes one with the Force but does not maintain his or her identity. Qui-Gon was able to maintain his identity in the Cosmic Force (the part of the force that contains all that has lived). However, with his training incomplete, he could not manifest himself in a physical form like Obi-Wan in the original trilogy. It is this skill that Qui-Gon wants Yoda to learn.

This was an excellent beginning for the final arc of The Clone Wars. Anakin, doing what he does best to help Yoda was fun. And Artoo teaming up with Yoda on his quest was another positive aspect. Naturally, though, it was also fun to have Liam Neeson reprise his role as Qui-Gon Jinn. The fact that he keeps coming back is a real treat for Star Wars fans.

Yoda and Artoo depart Dagobah.

Yoda and Artoo depart Dagobah.

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