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Star Wars Clone Wars Season 6 – Order 66 Review

Timothy Jackson 03/09/2014 Movies and TV

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned for its sixth and final season. Due to the grouping of episodes into groups, rather than standalone episodes, the reviews for this show will focus on the separate story arcs. This review will cover the first arc, involving the episodes “The Unknown,” “Conspiracy,” “Fugitive,” and “Orders.” Spoilers abound!



“The Unknown” starts out in a typical battle aboard an impressive space station that forms a ring around an entire planet. Anakin Skywalker, along with the 501st and twin Jedi Knights, leads an assault against Admiral Trench. During the battle, Clone Trooper Tup, last seen in the “General Krell” arc of season four, becomes delusional in battle and guns down one of the twin Jedi. This sparks a mystery that takes our heroes on a shadowy trail to uncover the truth.

Order 66 2

Tup after killing a Jedi.

This episode served as a means to an end. The whole episode, although quite exciting, was merely an excuse to get Tup back to Kamino; however, the seeds of the mystery, as well as an impressive team-up in the form of Anakin, Clone Captain Rex and Advanced Recon Clone (ARC) Fives makes for a fun opening to season six of Clone Wars. My one complaint with this episode is the lack of use of Admiral Trench. After all, he was presumed dead at the end of season two’s “Cat and Mouse.” He basically shows up as a cyborg in one episode and then disappears. Overall, however, this was an entertaining episode.


Order 66 3

Admiral Trench (right) consults with Count Dooku (middle).

“Conspiracy” and “Fugitive” take Tup and Fives back to Kamino to find out what caused Tup’s misfire on the battlefield. It is here where the show gets interesting. Fives teams up with a medical droid named AZ to find out the truth. The interplay between the two is a lot of fun, especially with AZ’s blunt dialogue. Fives’ sense of duty and AZ’s bluntness help lighten up an episode that is slowly unraveling the terrible truth about the clones. By the end of these two episodes, both Fives and AZ know about the eventual conditioning of the clones to turn on the Jedi.

Order 66 4

Fives (left) teams up with AZ (middle) to find the truth about the clones.

“Orders” concludes the arc with Fives being sent to Coruscant to be questioned about his findings by Chancellor Palpatine. By this point, Fives has become “The Clone Who Knew Too Much.” His findings on Kamino could hinder Palpatine’s eventual plans for the Republic and the Jedi. Thus, Palpatine surprisingly uses the truth, told to Fives in private, to frame the unsuspecting clone. The rest of the episode pits Fives as a fugitive as he tries to get what he knows to Anakin and Rex. The final scene between the trio is both tragic and horrifying, especially in light of what will come in the film Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. This final episode served as a suspenseful end to the arc. At once, I was divided between wanting Fives to succeed in his endeavor and knowing what would happen in Episode III.


Order 66 5

Chancellor Palpatine secretly celebrates his victory.

Overall, this arc showed the strange transition that The Clone Wars has made over the years. It started out as your typical kids’ show complete with the PG-rated violence of Attack of the Clones; however, the later seasons have gotten darker as the calendar slowly progressed to Revenge of the Sith. The idea of an episode being about a clone who got wise to the Sith’s plans, especially one who had been with the show since season one, was also a plus for the episode. Overall, these episodes enhanced the story of Star Wars as well as raise the bar in quality both in storytelling and visuals. The origin story of Order 66 is certainly one that will be remembered.

What are your thoughts about this Clone Wars Season 6 story arc? Comment below with your thoughts!

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