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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 – The Disappeared Review

Timothy Jackson 03/21/2014 Movies and TV

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The Dagoyan Masters are users of the force. Neither Jedi nor Sith, they use it for knowledge and enlightenment. However, when a number of them start disappearing, Queen Julia requests that the Senate send a specific representative to help: none other than Jar Jar Binks. Suspicious of the reasoning behind this request and of Jar Jar’s competence in the matter, Mace Windu volunteers to go with him.  What happens after is a fun at times and awkward at other times two-parter featuring the duo. This article contains no spoilers.


Queen Julia clearly sees something in Jar Jar Binks.

The first part of this episode is fun with just enough irony to keep things interesting. Mace and Jar Jar have their roles reversed. From Queen Julia’s point of view, the Jedi cannot be trusted with this mission. She does not allow Mace to attend meetings or listen to his opinions. Jar Jar, on the other hand, is a respected guest that Julia trusts implicitly. “The Disappeared Part I” is not unlike The Clone Wars season one’s “Bombad Jedi” in both tone and feel. However, “The Disappeared Part I” combines the seriousness of the situation with the humor of Mace and Jar Jar’s role reversal. It truly makes for an amusing story.

Jar Jar, maybe it’s this place, but you’re starting to make sense to me.”


This sequence is not unlike Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Temple? Check. Damsel? Check. Sacrifice? Check.

“The Disappeared” could have been just one episode in The Clone Wars series, which would have made for a much stronger episode. Unfortunately, “The Disappeared” continues into “Part II.” Despite featuring an impressive chase scene akin to the market chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark and even the appearance of a villain from the past, “Part II” feels rushed and like a jigsaw puzzle with all the wrong pieces jammed together. Jar Jar’s accidental victories in fights get a bit annoying, as they did in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The tone and feel is everywhere. Whereas “Part I” was a good balance of humor and mystery, “Part II” felt like its plot was ripped from 1999’s The Mummy as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark with Jar Jar and Mace as the action heroes instead of Rick O’Connell and Indiana Jones.


Jar Jar uses his tongue to help Mace take down some baddies.

My other problem with this episode is its complete misunderstanding of the power of Dathomir Nightsisters. For the first time in the series, the show claims that they get their powers from dark magic and not from the force. Without the force as the basis of the Nightsisters’ power, this actually causes many problems. First, who can use the power? Is it limited to the Nightsisters or can others use it as well? Second, this contradicts the established canon that Nightsisters were different force users than the Jedi or Sith. It was the same power but a different way of using that power. For continuity purposes, I say that the one who explained this in the show was mistaken and ignorant to the truth.

“The Disappeared Parts I and II” starts out as a fun episode with a balance of humor and mystery. Unfortunately, false information and adventure movie rip-offs make for a less than satisfying conclusion. The ignorance of a certain character attempting to explain the Nightsisters’ force power as mere magic does not help either. There are good and bad episodes of The Clone Wars. This two-parter falls in the middle with a good initial taste and a bad after taste. 


Mace Windu and Jar Jar Binks team up in a plot that could have been taken from the likes of Indiana Jones and The Mummy.

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