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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 – Banking Clan Review

Timothy Jackson 03/13/2014 Movies and TV

This arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a political story dealing with the Banking Clan across episodes 5-7. This is the first time we have seen this neutral group in the show. Spoilers will be present in this article.

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Banking Clan 1

In case you’ve forgotten who the Banking Clan is… We first saw them in “Attack of the Clones (left), then in Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Clone Wars” micro-series (middle), and lastly in the Banking Clan arc (right).

Banking Clan 3

Padme clearly has trust issues with Clovis. And who can blame her, since she nearly died of poison in her last encounter?

In “An Old Friend”, Senator Padme Amidala goes to the planet Scipio, headquarters of the Banking Clan, to obtain a credit transfer; however, she runs into none other than Rush Clovis (last seen in season 2’s “Senate Spy”), who tells Padme that there is, in fact, no money in the Banking Clan’s vault and that he needs her help to prove it. Reluctantly, Padme agrees to work with Clovis to obtain the information.


Banking Clan 4

The bounty hunter Embo is ever present in this episode.

This episode would honestly have been forgettable if it had not been for the bounty hunter Embo, who is stalking the main characters throughout. Thankfully, “An Old Friend” does use Padme correctly as a diplomat. This was a problem in the early episodes of The Clone Wars in which the writers would instead have her fighting many intense battles. Clovis was another interesting addition. His complicated past with Padme definitely puts an edge on things; however, the idea of having him around to make Anakin (who shows up at the end of this episode) jealous is a mixed bag for me. His boyish jealousy in “Senate Spy” became annoying very quickly. Overall, “An Old Friend” did have its exciting moments, especially the Embo chase at the end, but was wrought with Banking Clan politics.

Banking Clan 5

Obi-Wan tries to console Anakin as he tinkers with machines in his workshop.

“The Rise of Clovis” is exactly how it sounds. Using the information obtained from Padme, Clovis successfully attempts to gain a position as head of the Banking Clan on Scipio. The politics in this episode are a bit dry; however, enough is happening in the background to keep things interesting. One scene in particular has Anakin catching Clovis trying to kiss Padme. As would any husband, Anakin becomes enraged and nearly kills Clovis. It was a nice touch to see a bit of the dark side rise up in Anakin. We even hear “The Imperial March” theme. The only other significant mention in this episode is another scene in which Obi-Wan confronts Anakin about Padme, claiming he understands how Anakin feels. On top of seeing Anakin tinkering in a workshop, it was nice to see this interchange, especially given Obi-Wan’s background with Satine.


Banking Clan 6

As the Republic takes control of Scipio, Anakin loses his grip on Clovis.

“Crisis at the Heart” ends the Banking Clan arc with Clovis claiming his position on Scipio. All seems to be going well for him. Of course, it ends up falling apart when Dooku launches a Separatist invasion of the system, making Clovis look like a traitor. This episode had many exciting ground and space battles throughout, but the payoff was most definitely seeing Palpatine gain even more control over the Senate’s assets. Overall, the Banking Clan arc will probably bore some fans looking for the typical exciting battle plots associated with Star Wars. With that said, it nonetheless serves in expanding the story, as it all turns out to be a plot for the Sith master plan.



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