What’s in a name?

I sit as I type, which is much easier than standing and typing, not knocking those who do, it is just awkward for me, but not as awkward as coming up with a name to embrace my “geekdom”. I have collected comic books for over 25 years. I bought comics in the “bronze age”, but mostly books off the three for a dollar rack, you know the ones that were ripped, torn, or just worthless at the time. Then during the modern age (which I think is now known as the copper age), when I actually started to collect, I purchased from the local 7-11 till I was able to peddle to the store where I originally purchased my three for a dollar comic books from.

I was a class clown in high school; I hung with the “metal heads” out in what was known as the Cage, I was even lettered in a sport for four consecutive years. This sport only occurred after I was supposed to interview the captain for the newspaper. I was labeled everything except what I actually was.  As much as I loved writing I think I secretly feared being labeled a geek, although the popular word back then was nerd. I hid my collecting habits from my peers making sure I made it to the comic book shop every Saturday, then Friday when I was old enough before they changed release dates to Wednesday. But by then I was an adult and above such names. Aren’t I?

These days anyone can be a geek. Actors not only portray a comic book character but even send out their agents to rally a part for them. And us the fans hoping for a glimpse of the next big thing, whether it is on the silver screen, a comic book shelf, somewhere in a back issues bin, or even once in a while on a revolving three for a dollar rack. I am new here to Comicbooked.com but these people are just like me, just like you. I have met JordamusPrime, a story to regal another day, but all else are strangers with witty names.

I picked my sons name as my father picked my name, but now how do I pick a name as cool or as geeky as Skott of Fables, Booster Dan, Ortegatron, of even The Crimson Blur.  Shall I come up with some cool name based off my love for finding a back issue about?  Or maybe something that has to do with a character or a comic book I like?  During a meal with JordamusPrime a friend of his came up with “The Man” Lee, which I think would not be a slight against Stan “the Man” Lee but would only pressure me with having to achieve greatness. But is it a name for me? I wrote this without having a name in mind; at this point I have one.

I do so love to write and I have written under the “Journals” area with the CGC registry under the name Tnerb, and I will chat about Daredevil and the New Mutants (my favorites) from time to time, I will mention about new books I pick up weekly or even something older such as The Longbow series, but mostly I will talk about the encapsulation of books in this great hobby, (I will argue for them and against them) so when bags and boards are not enough there is always PGX and CGC. I challenge you to find which one I prefer.


PS. In no way am I associated with CGC or any or its affiliations. It just rhymes, chances are if my name was Alex I would have went with PG(ale)X.