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Celebrate 100 With Geek & Sundry!

Comic Booked 05/30/2012 Reviews

Popular and revolutionary YouTube channel Geek & Sundry reached its milestone one hundredth upload!  This network’s programming easily rivals my television for attention time and anticipation of shows, and despite Felicia Day being in Europe, the content keeps on coming.  The past two weeks of Felicia Day’s The Flog have been a bit abbreviated but still a lot of fun.  Watching her play old games, ride her luggage, crochet with Colin Ferguson, and learn to swing dance was a blast, especially with all of her dirty jokes along the way.

Swinging fun on The Flog!Season 5 of The Guild is still being slowly released to YouTube on Geek & Sundry.  I’ve enjoyed re-living it piece by piece, and the latest episodes have featured guest stars like Richard Hatch, Neil Gaimen, Doug Jones, and Nathan Fillion.  We’ve also seen the set ups for some of the more emotional parts of the story, and I’m excited to be heading into the home stretch because there are some episodes that I really want to write about!

Hellboy is dominating the motion comics that air on Wednesdays, and is up to chapter three now with a fourth on the way.  The pace has really picked up since the first installment, and while I’m probably still more interested in the stories that came before The Fury, the motion comics are definitely working to pique my curiosity in Dark Horse comics!  Meanwhile, Thursdays are filled with gag reels, extended interviews, and insights into the filming of The Guild.  We got to spend a little extra time with the furry, which is either extra great or extra creepy depending on how you look at it.  Literature news, reviews, and interviews round out the week on Sword & Laser, except for the alternating weeks when Table Top is on.  Sword & Laser is an absolutely genius show that actually includes links within its videos to skip past spoiler content but still continue to watch the show uninterrupted.  Ticket To Ride was the last game played on Table Top, and while we’ve already reviewed it quite well, I must say it looks like a dream game for railroad hoarders in Monopoly like myself!

Even as I write this more shows keep airing every day, so why not jump right in with The Flog!  As always, make sure to show your support by “liking” and subscribing if you enjoy!



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