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Comic Booked 06/14/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Comic Company is a behind the scenes look into the goings-on at a real comic book publisher!  Zenescope Entertainment really has a winner on their hands with this web series, and every week takes us a little deeper into the professional and personal lives of its employees.  Episode nine was called The Game and the Lives.  There’s obviously a lot of tension between Hatter and Sean now, the only real question still burning in my mind at this point is how will it all end?  A quick pick up game of basketball might’ve given them a chance to leave it all out on the court, but it only served to escalate things.  Hatter seems incredibly conflicted.  On one hand he’s trying to embrace this new change in office dynamics, but on the other hand…well with the other hand he’s holding a knife.  Red got especially personal in this episode, which may be why it’s the longest the camera has been on her since the show premiered.  She’s been through a lot, but seems all the tougher for it and projects a lot of strength and confidence.

Zenescope is a kick ass comic company


Sean is making for an interesting character study.  I said at first that I really didn’t think he had what it takes, but I don’t mind seeing his continued presence prove me wrong.  In a lot of ways I still don’t know if he fits in though.  There are a lot of strong personalities at Zenescope, but Sean seems so mild mannered.  Looking back at that last episode though, I think I can see a little crazy starting to peek through.  The problem is I really don’t know how that makes me feel.  I’m rooting for the guy, but at the same time I don’t want to see this sometimes cut throat business drag him down.  Either way something’s got to give, because he really seems to be testing Ralph’s patience.  He wasn’t too pleased with his new recruit in episode eight, although his hilarious reactions to Sean’s inexperience absolutely made the episode worth it.  Now in episode ten, Family Therapy, Ralph is doing a little coaching, and trying to help him along, but being new only buys you amnesty for so long.   Hopefully an intervention can save the situation, but it’s not looking good, especially after Hatter’s heartbreaking speech.  It was delivered so well that if it were scripted, it probably would have been Oscar nominated material.  Comic Company has been interesting since the start, but now it’s got me straight up hooked.







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