Marvel has announced a new five issue limited series starring Carnage. Set to debut in December of this year, the series – titled Carnage U.S.A. – will serve as a sequel to the previous Carnage mini-series that began late last year. Like its predecessor, Carnage U.S.A will be written by Zeb Wells and penciled by Clayton Crain. The story itself will continue from the end of the previous series, which returned Cletus Kasady to the Marvel Universe following his (apparent) death in the opening arc of New Avengers. When Carnage U.S.A. picks up, Carnage will be on “a cross country tour” of destruction, along with an army of symbiotes, as Spide-Man and the Avengers race to track him down.

The press release is included below.



It’ a whole new meaning for “red state” as Carnage’s  maniacal reign of terror continues, courtesy of the critically acclaimed creative team of Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain, in Carnage USA #1 (of 5)! With Carnage leaving a wake of  bloodshed and lunacy throughout the nation, Spider-Man and the Avengers must go on a brutal hunt to capture Cletus Kasaday before the American heartland falls under his mass-murdering spell.


Buckle in and prepare for a violence packed adventure as Carnage, joined by a symbiote army, continues his vengeance fueled comeback. Destined to be the most mind-blowing cross country tour fans have ever taken, Carnage U.S.A. wants YOU this December!


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CARNAGE U.S.A. #1 (of 5)

Written by ZEB WELLS

Pencils and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN

Rated T+ …$3.99