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Captain America Might Go To Jail! WOWSERS!

Comic Booked 07/16/2010 ZDONOTUSE

Yes, America on trial! And no is not liberal propaganda, its Ed Brubaker’s newest arc.

Do not worry is not Steve Rogers, its Bucky Barnes the new Captain Puerto Ric…oh…um…America!

As many of you know or don’t,  Bucky Barnes was the Russian Hitman Winter Soldier, who was Captain America’s Sidekick during WW2.

Check what MARVEL says about this:

By Kevin Mahadeo

America goes on trial this October when James “Bucky” Barnes takes the stand and faces the music for his crimes as The Winter Soldier in writer Ed Brubaker and artist Butch Guice’s “The Trial of Captain America,” which begins in CAPTAIN AMERICA #611.

Court comes in session following the aftermath of the previous arc, in which Baron Zemo’s return ends with the public revelation of Bucky’s actions during the Cold War.

“It basically comes down to Bucky being put on trial for the sins of The Winter Soldier,” explains Brubaker. “The Winter Soldier was a Cold War Russian hitman and saboteur, so he would be considered by a lot of the world to be a traitor to America and other countries as well. He is a potential huge Cold War criminal and he’s been running around in a Captain America outfit and nobody seems to have noticed this.”

The writer says he had planned this arc for quite some time, way back when the decision first came to make Bucky the next Star-Spangled Avenger. After all, as Brubaker himself put it, although Nick Fury and Tony Stark brushed the former sidekick’s past actions under the rug, cover-ups never last forever.

“It was always going to come up one way or another, whether Bucky became Captain America or not,” Brubaker says. “It was always going to be something that he was going to have to face. [Original Captain America] Steve [Rogers] gave him his memories back in issue #14 with the Cosmic Cube and made him Bucky again, but he was the same guy and remembers everything that he did as The Winter Soldier. Even though he was a brainwashed assassin trained by the Russians, he’s always been haunted by it, which is something that we’ve touched on periodically since issue #14. It was always a past he was going to face up to.”

Well it sucks for Bucky i’ll tell ya! It would have been so cool to see (no pun intended)Matt Murdock defend Barnes in the court. But like the article says, SHADOWLAND wont let that happen.

I even think they might bring Daredevil to court after all his shenanigans! I mean Leader Of The Hand!? Anyways thats another story.

How do you think this ordeal will end?

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