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Capcom Wants YOU for Their Street Fighter X Tekken Competition

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Do you find yourself randomly quoting Street Fighter’s Chun Lee and Ryu with alarming regularity?  Does every weekend out with your friends end with a Tekken Lei Wulong “Drunken-Master” mock-fight?  Can you beat all challengers with any Street Fighter or Tekken characters?  Then you may just be one of the 10 people (5 to represent team Street Fighter, 5 to throw down for team Tekken) that Capcom is looking for to star in a new web reality competition show titled Cross Assault.  Still not sold?  How does a grand-prize of $25,000 for one lucky participant sound?

Chun Lee

Here is a blurb from the Cross Assault sign-up page which was posted over on Capcom’s official site:

CROSS ASSAULT (“Program”) is the first-ever week-long Internet-based reality show produced by Capcom U.S.A., Inc. (“Capcom” or “Producer”) pitting two teams against each other competing on Capcom’s premier fighting game, STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. Under the leadership of two legendary players from the fighting game scene, players will fight for pride, fame and a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000. The show will be broadcast live over the Internet during late February 2012. To audition as either a Team Street Fighter or Team Tekken member, please refer to the Eligibility Requirements and Audition Instructions…”

Cross Assault


So how does an interested party go about auditioning?  I’m glad you asked.  From the Capcom blog:

Create a video blog telling us why you would be a good choice for “Cross Assault.” We want people who are seasoned fighting game players with interesting personalities that will create for an exciting show. We aren’t cherry picking the top players because we want to open this up to all fighting game players. Create your video, share it with all your friends and start promoting it. We will be looking at all aspects, such as tournament experience, personality, comments, likes, dislikes, views… etc.

If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, you can get full details from the official Capcom Blog at:

After you make your entry video blog, sign up on the official entry page here:

 Since many people have speculated that this contest part of an effort to help promote Street Fighter X Tekken, why not take a look at the trailer?

Get those entries in by 12:00 midnight PST on February 5th!  You can already see some of the entries on YouTube, but in an effort to not play favorites I will not post individual videos here, but check them out.   Best of luck!

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