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Can’t Wait Until July? Here’s Your “Bloodshot” Preview

David Vandervliet 05/24/2012 ZDONOTUSE

Last week I got to show some finished art from Valiant Comic’s upcoming series, Bloodshot, by Duane Swierczynki, Manual Farcia & Arturo Lozzi.

This week we get a look at those same pages, now finished and lettered, along with 3 more finished and lettered pages!

Not only that, we get the first look at Esad Ribic’s variant cover (at right) and it kicks ass!  This is the third cover, along with the regular cover by Lozzi, and the pullbox exclusive cover by Mico Suayan, both of which you can see below, along with the 7 page preview

The Summer of Valiant is going to be so hot, you’re going to melt!

From Valiant:

Bloodshot Alternate Cover #3VALIANT Presents BLOODSHOT #1: LETTERED PREVIEW


Valiant is proud to present a seven-page preview of the summer’s most action-packed comic event – Bloodshot #1! On July 11th, acclaimed writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi blaze a trail of destruction straight to the heart of the Valiant Universe when America’s one-man war on terror embarks on his deadliest mission yet!


You are Bloodshot. You are the pinnacle of human technological achievement and the most dangerous weapon ever assembled. You’ve had countless missions, but none more brutal, more exacting than the one that now rattles through your skull. But the clock is ticking and if you don’t uncover answers fast enough, your old war buddy Apanewicz will die as a POW. No, wait — that’s not right. Apanewicz is fine. It’s your parents. Your parents are being held hostage by terrorists and they won’t make it out alive. Or was it…your wife and baby…?


Learn the truth behind the most dangerous man in the Valiant Universe when Bloodshot #1 begins an all-new tour of duty this July 11th! And don’t forget to ask your local retailer today about how to sign up for the one-of-a-kind Bloodshot #1 Pullbox Exclusive Variant by red hot artist Mico Suayan, available only at your local comic shop!


Bloodshot 1 lettered page 1


Bloodshot 1 lettered page 2


Bloodshot 1 lettered page 3


Bloodshot 1 lettered page 4


Bloodshot 1 lettered page 5



Bloodshot 1 lettered page 6


Bloodshot 1 lettered page 7


Bloodshot Cover !


Bloodshot pullbox exclusive

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi
Cover by Arturo Lozzi
Pullbox Exclusive Variant by Mico Suayan
Variant Cover by David Aja
Variant Cover by Esad Ribic
$3.99/Rated T+/32 pgs.


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