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Camilla d’Errico News & Limited-Edition Statuette From Dark Horse

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Camilla d’Errico is an artist from Vancouver, Canada ,who creates some of the most beautiful pop-surrealist (or lowbrow art – if we must keep using that unflattering term) art out there. Some of her comic titles include, Burn, Tanpopo, and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra (which is being adapted into a video game) to name just a few. Camilla has also been named to work with Grant Morrison (and was even interviewed in the Morrison documentary Talking With Gods) on a creator-owned project titled The New Bible. She has worked with Neil Gaiman to create a collaborative print based off of his short story How to Talk to Girls at Parties. Camilla has designed art for Ride Snowboards, worked with Hasbro Toys, Disney, Lucasfilms… She even has her own line of clothing and toys. Camilla d’Errico is truly a “Renaissance Woman” (her work has been shown at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome). Last year her amazing art book (the best art book of the year in my humble opinion), Femina & Fauna, was published by Dark Horse Comics and quickly sold out, demanding subsequent reprints. Does Camilla d’Errico have your respect and attention yet? Good, moving on…

Camilla dErrico Frech Card art

Now Dark Horse Deluxe (a division of Dark Horse Comics) is debuting a strictly limited-edition, hand-numbered, collector’s statuette based off of one of Camilla’s painting from Femina & Fauna, titled No Ordinary Love. From the Dark Horse Comics Blog:

No Ordinary Love statuette Slated for a late June release, the meticulously painted sculpture measures approximately 8 inches tall and 5 inches in width, making it a diminutive but exquisite jewel of a statuette. It is strictly limited to only 950 hand-numbered copies for worldwide distribution. It is packaged in a full-color collector box, with a certificate of authenticity inserted to certify it for collectors

About No Ordinary Love, a newly engaged (congrats!) Camilla d’Errico had this to say:

 “No Ordinary Love is a piece that is very dear to me. It’s the visual interpretation and expression of my feelings for my ‘one and only,’ so you can imagine how exciting it is, that this particular piece was chosen!”

It is likely that this statuette will sell out very fast, so interested parties are encouraged to act quickly. In July, Dark Horse Comics will also be printing a second hardcover collection of Camilla’s excellent Helmetgirls paintings.

Helmetgirls Volume 2

Be sure to be on the lookout for Camilla d’Errico this convention season, follow her on Twitter @HelmetGirl and Facebook, and check out her website.

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