It is November and that means it is the holiday season.  No that isn’t the only thing it means. November means it is Call of Duty time!  Black Ops 2 has arrived for all you CoD fans and haters alike  This means it is time to miss work, school and not shower for days.  Okay relax I’m joking on that not showering part. Black Ops 2 comes to all gaming systems with a lot of hype.  Black Ops 2 is the first Call of Duty title to be set in the future.  That means high-tech weaponry from drones to sticky bombs to drop onto your enemies. Not only will we get to wield some new awesome weapons…Black Ops 2 brings back the dead with the Zombie feature of the game.  Which in its own right is pretty bad ass.  Zombies seem to be at an all-time high with the success of The Walking Dead TV show and comic book.  So get ready to kill some walkers in this latest version of Call of Duty.

Some of the new features for Call of Duty: Black Ops are as follows:

  1. Live streaming of gameplay directly to YouTube with audio comments and more.
  2. New create a class system with up to 10 loadouts.  This will have all your guns, perks and more right here.
  3. New game modes:  Zombie game Tranzit this is an open world where you try to survive a zombie apocalypse using a bus or other objects to barricade yourselves in for a long, long night. Multi team game modes of 3×3 which will feature 3 teams going at it in an online bullet fest.
  4. Call of Duty Elite is FREE for everyone. You will be able to access Elite and all it has to offer. Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Along with some of these new features are some old ones from MW3, like the return of the multiplayer game mode Kill Confirmed.  Along with a couple of the weapons from MW3, but don’t be turned off by these familiar parts from the last Call of Duty title.  Black Ops 2 will have many new things for the fanboy and fangirl to get excited over.

As a fan of the series, I sure hope Black Ops 2 delivers. From all early indications the Multiplayer and Zombie mode could be the best ever.  With league play set up for some great multiplayer matches to the madness of the Zombie Mode.  It could be one of the most successful versions of the franchise.  So it is time to strap on those Turtle Beaches and get to pwning noobs all year-long!

You can find me on Xbox pwning it up on Multiplayer all week-long.  I mainly play Hardcore game modes, so maybe I’ll see you trying to get the drop on me…maybe I won’t.  Good gaming ladies and gents.  See you in the virtual world of Black Ops 2.Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Gameplay pic

Comic Booked wants to hear from you!!! So let us know what you like or dislike about this new title in the Call of Duty series.

What are you most excited for?  Is it the new single player story set in the future?  Is it the return of Zombies? Is it the vast new multiplayer action? Or is it playing on Nuketown 2025?