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C2E2 News: DC Collectibles Shows Off New Offerings

Michael Wirth 04/13/2012 ZDONOTUSE

DC Direct was recently revamped, in an effort by DC Entertainment to make the company’s in-house toy line more robust and accessible to fans. Now going by the name DC Collectibles, the online store will offer a variety of exclusive figures, busts, and even information of the closest shop that carries the item you are looking for. And in a clever marketing move, the announcement of the change was made a few days before the start of C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. During a panel held at the event, DC Comics revealed more information on the initiative as well as a few of the exclusive offerings of DC Collectibles.

Though the upcoming Watchmen prequel, Before Watchmen, has sparked a mountain of debate, there’s no denying the awesome-osity of this Dr. Manhattan statue. Big Blue is revealed to be part of a set that will also include Rorschach and the Comedian. All of the Before Watchmen statues and figures will go on sale later this year.

shown at the DC Collectibles panel at C2E2

With the upcoming summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, looming on the horizon, there could be no doubt that DC would show up with a few Batman-themed items. And, true to form, the panel revealed a pair of busts modeled on the likenesses of the film’s characters. Here, Batman and Bane, played by Christian Bale and Tom Hardy respectively, grimace out at fans in all of their well-sculpted glory. These two collectibles will go on sale in the fall, which is strange considering the movie will hit theaters in July. Actually, it’s probably not that strange considering the deluge of merchandise DC has lined up for the movie; they’re mostly likely going to stagger it over the next couple of months to maintain the best sales rates possible.

shown at the DC Collectibles panel at C2E2

Finally, a series of figures aimed at raised support and awareness was revealed. To coincide with DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, which is aimed at fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa, the site will offer a set of Justice League figures. Based on the designs of the New 52 line-up, the series will feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Aquaman. The figures will each be sold individually, beginning with Batman in May of 2012. Collectors who purchase the set will receive the Superman figure before it is released in 2013. With a percentage of the proceeds of the figure sales going towards the charity, Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment and panel moderator, had this to say.

We’re thrilled to be supporting We Can Be Heroes. The DC Comics – The New 52 action figures have proven to be one of our most popular product lines, so we feel the new 7-pack set is a great way to raise awareness and money for such a worthwhile cause.

shown at the DC Collectibles panel at C2E2

DC is hitting the ground running with their newly retooled website and focus, which will hopefully bring more unique figures into the hands of fans and collectors. Which of these items are you most interested in? What would you like to see DC Collectibles offer? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over at our Facebook page.

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