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C2E2: Mark Waid Announces New Comic Website

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Con season continues with C2E2!  News is bound to flourish, and Mark Waid is keeping his name in the mix with an announcement about a comic website!  I’ve been writing about the possibility of a new digital revolution in comic books for a while now, and Mark Waid’s name is one that keeps coming up again and again.  He was involved from the beginning with Marvel’s Infinite Comics digital initiative, and has been taking steps ever since to find the best way to combine the advantages of current technology with the traditions of comic book storytelling.  He’s sold off his personal collection to help fund this latest endeavor, and re-tooled his blog website into a diary of his thoughts and research, openly inviting everyone to participate.

sneak peak from Mark Waid's new digital comic book website ThrillbentWaid’s chosen the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo as the venue to announce the first tangible result of these ventures, a new website home for digital comic book products and creators.  It’s called Thrillbent, and the site will launch officially on May 1st at  Waid will be joined by some of his usual cohorts, as well as others committed to exploring the future of the hobby and building a sphere of influence in which creator owned projects can thrive.  A lot of this will be very experimental at first, so expect tons of freebies from the site and many chances to offer up your opinions on what does and doesn’t work.  Tidbits will be flowing out of the con all weekend, so don’t forget to keep coming back for our continuing coverage of both C2E2 and Mark Waid’s pioneering foray into the digital wilderness.





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