The Justice League is constantly adding and subtracting members. It seems that about once a year they have a major shake-up or even just additions you wouldn’t have expected. Among other things, we’ve had a Justice League with Mon-El as the Superman, Dick Grayson as the Batman, Donna Troy as the Wonder Woman, and Jade as the Green Lantern – to say nothing of Congorilla. Heck, there was even an angel on the team at one time. Remember Zauriel? We got Red Arrow at one point and Hawkgirl at another. Even the most powerful metahuman of all time was once a part of the team. That’s right, Plastic Man! But that was the old DCU, now we have the New 52.

Justice League #1 Cover

The New 52 started off with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, the Flash (Barry Allen), and Cyborg; but as Geoff Johns revealed at the DC All Access panel at C2E2: “By the end of Justice League #12 the team is radically different,” though he didn’t reveal any more than that.

The picture below of the Justice League with the seven core members, and in the background you can make out another eight characters. Will they make up the the rest of the team? Lots of speculation, considering some of the characters pictured have not been introduced to the New 52 yet. In the picture you can see Deadman, The Atom (Ryan Choi), Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) and Element Woman (from Flashpoint). Then, on the right side of the picture we have Green Arrow, Hawkman, Mera, and the mysterious Lady Luck.

Like I said, some of these characters are brand new to the New 52 (Atom, Mera, Element Woman) and others have been there since the beginning, even though sales might say differently. (I’m talking, of course, about Firestorm and Hawkman, which I think are two of the strongest titles even if fans seem to disagree.) Deadman had a run in DC Universe Presents and we’ve had little teases of Lady Luck. The character that could really boost sales for The Justice League is The Emerald Archer himself, Green Arrow, who not only has a TV pilot in the works but had some of the strongest sales figures numbers of any New 52 book.

So right now these hints of a roster change are is largely speculation but we will know soon enough when Justice League #12 hits stores! Until then, stick with Comic Booked and as soon as they announce they official roster you’ll be the first to know! Get Comic Booked and stay informed.

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