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Bullet Reviews #11: Fear Itself! Uncanny X-Force! Uncle Scrooge!

Skott Jimenez 05/08/2011 Reviews

**Bullet Reviews were delayed this week due to Free Comic Book Day preparation, BUT they’re here now!**

ANNIHILATORS #3 (Marvel)Rocket Raccoon
Finally the fate of the Wraiths is revealed! What became of this most feared race of creatures after they were banished to Limbo? The Annihilators find out and what they learn certainly shocks them. It seems after being locked away for centuries they have become empty shells of their formers selves and want nothing more than to die. The Silver Surfer figures out the only way to save everyone involved is to bring Wraithworld BACK to where is came from. Problem is if they do, and this is the part they DON’T know about, a certain former empire of green-skinned, bumpy chinned, shape shifting aliens will be able to begin their rise to power again! This is beginning to feel like Guardians Of The Galaxy and I love it! On the Rocket Raccoon/Groot side of things, they make their way back to Rocket’s home world and learn the secret of why Rocket left and why he didn’t remember ever being there. He allowed himself to have his memories erased because it was the only way to keep the dangerous Star-Thief locked away (it’s kind of a long explanation) but when Rocket returns all hell breaks loose! It’s really to bad there is only one issue left of this. I can’t tell you how much I’m loving it. Also? I’m getting the Rocket Raccoon/Groot variant covers! –Skott Jimenez

DeadpoolDEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 (Marvel)
(This is technically the SECOND Deadpool Annual. He had one in 1998) Alternate reality versions of Deadpool have always been different plays on the same obvious theme. This new reality, however…The Wade Wilson in this reality is not the goofy living cartoon character we know. No, this one cured himself of his cancer then basically took the place of Doctor Doom. Same costume, different color scheme and his name is Death Mask. I stopped reading Deadpool some time ago because it was getting stale but this annual shows the guy can still be fun. The story is DP, Spider-Man and Hulk are trapped in another reality, thanks to DP, and while Banner and Spider-Man try to figure things out, Deadpool goes off and makes a fool of himself and comes face to face with his, much smarter, counter-part. That doesn’t mean he’s got a snow ball’s chance in beating OUR Wade Wilson, no, a nice fight and a quick switch and Deadpool becomes the one thing he’s always wanted to be: An honest to gosh Hero! This book does just as good as a stand alone as it does as part of a three part story written by Chew creator John Layman! Concludes next month in Hulk’s annual! -Skott Jimenez

FEAR ITSELF #2 (Marvel) Fear Itself
I can see the Apocalyptic undertones of the book and how they now relate to the prevailing news media and the eyes and minds of the public at large. What is interesting to me about this book is that it was sold as a reaction to the terror around the world brought on by day to day life and the hazards of being a citizen of Earth. However, it seems as though it was not meant to be that at all. The impending doom that is felt through these pages is real enough (which is refreshing to be able to feel jump from the pages), but the nature of the story has changed from its original sell to one of a world-wide battle against a tangible force. I suppose the Avengers fighting against the idea of Fear without a real enemy could be a stupid book by itself anyway…but I’d still read it. –Andy Kirby

Fear ItselfFEAR ITSELF: HOMEFRONT #2 (Marvel)
This book shows the day to day effects of the Fear Itself title. The best story, by far, is Speedball’s tale. However, this is much of the same. There is guilt and an attempt at reconciliation followed by fighting. This issue’s story had almost the exact same story pace and plot points as last month’s. This fact was a little annoying but overall not too much of a distraction. The Milligan story of Jimmy Woo and the Atlas Foundation serves as little more than a story that shares a common location with the Fear Itself event–useless really. Truth be told, the book was a little disappointing. After loving the first issue so much, I felt that this one was treading water until the main title had progressed further. I’m becoming more attached to the Speedball character, but I doubt that small interest will inspire me to continue on much further with the book. -Andy Kirby


FEAR ITSELF: SPIDER-MAN #1 (Marvel)Spider-Man
Now this book is more of what I was thinking Fear Itself would be. But I suppose that’s what backup titles and tie-ins are for. This mini-series has the face of fear in it for Spider-Man: Vermin. Yet, it still deals with the fear we see as panic among the individuals in the street and across the world. When Robbie and Ben find out that this epidemic is everywhere, the characters’ eyes are opened. Realization starts to set in that control will not be regained easily. Fear is a powerful motivator, and the interesting thing about fear is that the evidence of others experiencing fear leads to more fear. It’s just a downward spiral of terror followed by self-destructive action. I’m very interested to see where this story goes. Keep it up, Yost! -Andy Kirby


This is a $1 excerpt from The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck collection published by BOOM! under their all ages label kaboom! Yes, you read that right: a ONE DOLLAR comic. I’ve always had a special fondness for the Disney Ducks. Scrooge is perhaps my all time favorite. The story printed in part here is The Dream Of A Lifetime in which the Beagle Boys steal an invention from Gyro Gearloose and plan to use it to enter Scrooge’s dreams while he sleeps. In the dream they plan to make Scrooge tell them the secret combination to the Money Bin’s locks! Donald Duck has to enter the same dreams in hopes of stopping them. All the while Scrooge doesn’t get why his dreams of past adventures are being interrupted by these other characters. It’s a very fun read but I have to admit…it does sound familiar! -Skott Jimenez


MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME #4 (Marvel)Marvel Zombies
The competition between this mini and the one-shot Vs. the Marvel Apes to see which is the worst Marvel Zombies ever told continues! This issue continues the fine tradition of nothing happening, nothing important that is, as the remaining good guys, who’s names I cannot remember, try to get away from the zombie clones of the Squadron Supreme, a group of characters I’ve never cared about. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this issue, just as there is very little to say about the first 3 issues. We don’t know what reality this is in, who the majority of these characters are or why we should even care. Not something I can recommend but at least the covers are cool! -Skott Jimenez


X-ForceUNCANNY X-FORCE #9 (Marvel)
I’m really trying to understand what I am supposed to take away from Uncanny X-Force #9. Why did this book come out so close to the last issue? Why does a secret team make it a point to have “no secrets?” Does it matter that Magneto knows about the team? There are so many unanswered questions, but that only seems to be missing the point. What I believe this issue was, is a set up–a set up for the break within the team. For so long we’ve seen Cyclops and Wolverine not get along having differing ideologies along the way. This issue may be setting the stage for the interaction that Wolverine will have with a team that divides itself based on a moral division. There is no doubt that the X-Men are headed for an internal confrontation. Let’s hope this issue plays into it. -Andy Kirby



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  1. Thom Atkinson 05/08/2011 at 11:57 am

    I have to say I preferred X-Force as a series before they relaunched as Uncanny. It was a top class title, this new team is a tad contrived and the art work just doesn't work with its pastel tones. Still, Warren is my favourite X-Man, bar none. Hmm maybe Madrox…or…no wait….!

    • Andy Kirby 05/08/2011 at 4:42 pm

      I think it is definitely like a whole other series. There is no comparison, but really the overall story came to the conclusion. I thought it was a good time to relaunch.

      I think I would really enjoy the model of a relaunch or title change every time an overarching (long running) story ends.

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