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Building on a Budget IV: Avacyn Revealed-Segment I

Rogue Gamer 05/20/2012 Reviews

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Building on a Budget!

Last week, I covered the different aspects of drafting in regards to economics. What I had planned for this week was a look at the statistics and most drafted cards of Avacyn Restored. While considering this as a primary topic, I realized I had not  yet covered all of the cards in Avacyn Restored, let alone the rares, and that taking a more in depth look at the rest of what’s out there would help the reader better grasp an understanding of the set. Comprehension is the most important detail in experiencing a fulfilling and rewarding draft. In order to cover an event of this magnitude, I will be breaking this article into four segments. The four segments will be comprised of a complete review of the mythics, rares, uncommons, and commons respectively. I will grade each card based on three values; draft power, long-term value, and current market value. Each value will be graded from 1(low/poor) to 5(high/valuable)


Not only is Avacyn worth a pretty penny, she is an absolute board buster. Take her #1 except under certain circumstances. Seeing her passed to you 2nd-3rd is ideal. She is powerful enough to end the game in her own right, but does clock in at a costly 8 CMC. Much like in the Avacyn in the context of the plot, Avacyn the card largely does the same by swooping in and saving the day.

DP:4.5 LTV:5 CMV:4

Bonfire of the Damned is taking Standard by storm, and with good reason.  In limited play it has the ability to completely overpower your opponent. #1 pick ALWAYS.

DP:5 LTV:5 CMV:5

Bruna is an interesting pick. The odds of having auras to complement her are understandably limited, but at six mana for a 5/5 flying with vigilance, she is a commendable beat stick. I would likely pass on her with the first pick, as you are dedicating yourself to two colors too early in the draft. I see her as a 2-3, possibly 4th pick in most drafts.

DP: 3LTV:4 CMV:2 .5

An absolute monster. When this hits the board your opponent better have a fog. At it’s worst and most basic, it’s a 6/6 haste trample for 8. Th0ugh no matter how amazing this card is, I would find it hard to take #1. This is not to say that it shouldn’t be taken with your first pick, but at least consider the mana cost before making the pick. Taking a “fatty” with an early pick is taking a bit of a gamble. A great finisher who sits in your hand all game waiting on land 8 is frustrating. I would gladly grab it with the 2nd-4th pick in most situations though.

DP:5 LTV:5 CMV:2

This is an interesting card, if not dangerous. I love the idea, but it is way too limited to be properly abused. When I look at a number one pick, it often jumps out at me and screams “draft me!” Unfortunately, this is not one of those cards. Depending on how your deck is flowing though, it can be functional around pick 4-6.

DP:3.5 LTV:4 CMV:1

Opened this with your first pick? Congratulations, you’re playing white! This is a no brainer. If this ever sees pick number two, you’ve likely won your draft. #1 pick every time.

DP:5 LTV: 5 CMV:5

The temptation is too great. At 8 mana it is steep, but the rewards of playing it can easily create some problems. I am hesitant in taking Griselbrand with pick #1, but since he is both a solid card and a monetarily valuable card, I would in the end take him pick #1 in most drafts. Besides being worth a decent amount, I’d love to see him around pick number 2-3.

DP:4 LTV:5 CMV:4

This card just screams EDH. Malignus is actually in his own right quite a monster. This is one of those picks where you pick him, put him back, and pick him again. I am iffy on taking him #1, not that I wouldn’t, but he is definitely a must at #2-3.

DP:4 LTV:5 CMV:2

At 4 mana for a 3/3 flying, Misthollow Griffin weighs in easily as a early to mid round pick. 2-3 is a decent placing, with anything being after 3 is a bit of a reach.

DP:5 LTV:2 CMV:2

I don’t like this as a top 5 pick. I would rank it at around 7-12. Too much mana and too situational to be a draft powerhouse. If you play this though, be sure to stock up on mana accelerators and something worthwhile!

DP:2.5 LTV:5 CMV:1

I’d easily take Sigarda 1-2 overall. She is virtually unkillable, and counters Barter in Blood and the like.

DP:5 LTV:5 CMV:4

An absolute bomb. No matter in which pack this turns up, take it #1 overall and splash blue. Tamiyo’s ability to completely control a game is something that should never be underestimated.

DP:5 LTV:5 CMV:5

Still not sold on this card. If it weren’t $18, I’d probably pass it. It’s a good card, but the ability to abuse it is limited in draft. #1 on the principle that you shouldn’t throw money away.

DP:4 LTV:3 CMV:5

Despite my earlier criticisms, I actually love Tibalt in draft. At two mana, you can’t go wrong! #1-2 pick. Make sure to stock up on cards you don’t mind throwing away as well, as Tibalt’s ability makes you discard at random!

DP:4 LTV:3 CMV:4

That’s it for the mythics of Avacyn Restored. I will be listing segment II in the next few days! Until then, trust your instincts and draft well!

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