** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers from this issue, it does tease the reader with hints as well as spoilers from issues past. Please feel free to purchase issue eight on 04/11/2012 **

The quest to figure out why Buffy is a robot and where the “real” Buffy is begins. Buffy and Spike seek answers and find them rather quickly actually. Readers who were as confused as I was at how Buffy could have been “pregnant” and a robot will be pleased to have a reasonable explanation.

Spike and Buffy have another heartfelt moment that touches once more on the issues that I mentioned were coming to a head in the last issue. Meanwhile back at Dawn and Xander’s place Detective Dowling comes a-knocking as the Zompire plot continues to brew.

Finally, given the ending of this issue, #9 promises to be very intense. I’m sitting on edge already. -N