** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers does tease the reader with hints. If you would like to partake of these non-spoiling hints please continue, if not the issue was excellent please feel free to purchase it from your local comic book distributor on 12/14/2011 **


This Buffy Sneak review is going to be kinda short, and not due to time constraints but rather Issue 4 is so action-packed it’s going to be difficult to summarize without spoilers.

First off we’re going to learn a bit more about “The Siphon”, this whole arc so far has been incredibly fast paced and full of twists and turns, I love it. This issue is no different as it is a full on battle showdown with surprising twists on multiple fronts. (Loved the color work of the lights on the pier, btw. So beautiful.)


Also Spike reveals his current feelings on his and Buffy’s relationship, but not to Buffy whose own feelings are anyones guess. This is important as hints of a new potential pairing are beginning to emerge because Buffy is still cookie dough.

Cookie dough mostly tied up in righting this whole seed mess for the greater good. Which is good, because this is one mess that seems to only want to get messier. You can’t make an omelet without braking a few eggs, and poor Buffy seems to have these nasty eggs all over her face.

Welp, that’s enough Buffy-themed food analogies for one sneak review,  see you guys back here for #5!! – N