First off, let me just say that I work very hard to have no spoilers in my sneak reviews. That said, I do however allude to certain events which will become clear upon reading the comic. So, if you want to be extra cautious know that I only review stuff that I love and happily leave this page now ready to pick up your copy this Wednesday.



So as you may have noticed in the last issue, there’s an apparent serial killer on the loose in San Francisco. This is what the majority of issue two centers around, that and the consequences not yet fully seen by Buffy about destroying the seed.

I particularly enjoy that demon debt collector seen at the end of issue one and there’s a particularly cute exchange with all of four of them, Buffy, Willow, Spike, and the demon that just utterly cracks me up. On that note, Spike continues to crack me up at every turn throughout this season so far, and I freaking love it.

Spike and Buffy were always my favorite characters, followed by Giles, Faith, and Anya, and this season has really been bringing the best out of them personality wise. A definite must read for any Spike fan for sure.

Also, without giving anything away, a new sort of super power has now been written into the Buffyverse, I’m not going to go into any further details on that, just letting you know that it exists.

Also, if debt collecting demons, unforeseen post-seed consequences, serial killers, and new super powers aren’t enough… there is still some unknown badness after the Buffster.
Which brings me to notes for all you Buffy/Spike shippers. Without giving anything away, let’s just say that besides just cracking me up as a pair of consistent conversationalists all issue, this is also an issue where you get to see them confide in one another, as well as display their mutual concern for the other.


Most notably in a particularly cute scene atop a San Fran rooftop, I get the feeling there might be more of these. Romantically or not? Well, that remains to be seen, but given how good the writing is if we wanted to bring back a little Buffy and Spike action for old time’s sake, I could really get behind that.




BuffyAll in all, another excellent issue and I can’t wait until Dark Horse sends me the next one. When they do you know I’ll be right back on here to share it with you all. – N