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Brubaker Leaves Winter Soldier and Winick Leaves Batwing

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In news that isn’t Liefeld drama, Ed Brubaker and Judd Winick are leaving their respective books for reasons similar to each other’s.  While this is obviously bad news for fans of their work on those titles, I have to admit it’s nice to have some examples of professionals making these decisions without a hailstorm of dirty laundry being aired out for all to see and smell.  Winick crafted a sentimental goodbye, the most relevant part of it being:

“My departure is simply a time issue.  I’m pursing a few other projects that make it impossible for me continue doing a monthly book.”

Brubaker leaves Winter SoldierBrubaker’s recent remarks also expressed an appreciation of both his co-workers and fans.  He’s leaving Winter Soldier to focus on creator owned projects and to tend to some Hollywood related opportunities he was offered.  The good news here is that Winter Soldier is not ending.  Lower than expected sales put the comic up on the chopping block, and Brubaker may even have been planning for its imminent end.  But the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier could have something to do with the book’s stay of execution, and Brubaker has expressed a willingness to return to the title after taking care of his other commitments.  So the simple fact here is that sometimes people move on.  They take on other assignments, expand their horizons – and occasionally they even do it with a little class.

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