Astonishing X-Men #21

Astonishing X-Men #21

In the previous issue, several of the X-Men were transported to the Breakworld, where a prophecy of their oracles purported Colossus to be the one who would eventually destroy the Breakworld entirely!

As Colossus said, he had been planning on it, but Shadowcat told him that despite whatever the augurs prophecied, it would be his alone to decide whether he would destroy the Breakworld or not. Will Colossus destroy the Breakworld, or not? Let us read on to see what happens.

(By the way, this is the most recent issue of Astonishing X-Men I own, so if we don’t figure this out in this issue, I will have to wait until I can afford to purchase more issues of Astonishing, at least in Digital Comics form, before I can figure it out.)

And now, without further ado, here is my review on Astonishing X-Men #21, direct from the Briefcase where I store all the comic books I own…

The Briefcase Collection Files #4: Astonishing X-Men #21

We first see a two-page spread, with Wolverine and Armor rolling in on hoverbikes into the room where we saw several X-Men congregated in front of a giant mosaic mural depicting Colossus as the mutant who would eventually destroy the Breakworld. “Sorry… We’re late,” Logan says to Cyclops and White Queen. He asks as to the whereabouts of Colossus and Shadowcat, and Cyclops replies that they haven’t arrived yet, but have have been spotted alive.

At this point, Logan re-introduces Hisako to the group with her new code name, “Armor”. She had been an X-student previously, but at this point she has become a full fledged member of the X-Men team. Agent Brand suggests the team split up — she and Beast head for a base directly under the weapon they’ve got pointed at the Earth, Wolverine and Armor go to find Pete and Kitty, and Cyclops and Emma go to rendezvous with Brand’s men in the field, to set up and wait for the word to take out Kruun.

Next, we see Colossus and Kitty fighting off Breakworlders at their location. In order to escape with Kitty, who of course has the power to walk through walls, Colossus uses his superhuman strength, collapsing a pillar to block off the horde, and he and Kitty then exit the building. A hooded Breakworlder then approaches the two and tells them to come with him.

The hooded one tells them, “We are asking. We are asking for your trust.”

On the next page, we see a meeting between Kruun, his assistant, and the Danger room cyborg, who all concur that the X-Men must be stopped. In particular, Kruun mentions that the “retaliator”, their weapon which is aimed at the Earth, must be protected.

After this, we see Cyclops and Emma bickering as he pilots a jet, and she navigates. They are evading a pair of Breakworld fighter jets. Emma says to “Throttle down a bit; we don’t want to lose him completely.” Then, we cut back to Colossus, Kitty, and the hooded Breakworlder.

The hooded one oversees a “hospital”, which is in horrible condition. Kitty asks, “It’s Medieval. The technology this planet has… are all the hospitals this primitive?” He replies that it is the only hospital on the planet, and that if Kruun discovered it, it would surely be destroyed. “To care for the wounded,” he explains… “To honor the dead or fight for the weak… on the Breakworld, these are the closest we have to sins. But I don’t think compassion is a sin. I think it may be a mutation.”

Here, at the halfway point of this issue, the caretaker explains his purpose in asking them to come with him. He thinks perhaps the prophecy’s interpretation is incorrect, and that Colossus would not destroy the Breakworld as the oracles had prophecied. “A world in chaos, perhaps, but not destroyed. Re-formed. Reborn.” He explains that he was bred as an arena warrior, a “show-killer”, and he asks Colossus to decide whether or not to destroy the Breakworld. “Rest tonight. And tomorrow, do what you will.”

After this, we see Beast and Brand caught in a snowstorm while on their hoverbikes. They roll off for cover. She then orders him to “Dig.” In the shade where they are behind a snow dune, it would soon become a hundred degrees below zero, so he digs a small cavern in the dune itself, where the temperature would not drop so low.

Next page, we see two Breakworld officers interrogating a captured member of Agent Brand’s team. He asks about the weapon, and the officer doing the talking says it’s primed, and Kruun only has to push one button to set it off. The captive male then offers the officer the power to depose of Kruun and assume his throne, if he will stall Kruun from setting off the weapon.

Next page after that, we see Kitty and Colossus at their room the caretaker provided them for lodgings for the night. They even provided food, which Colossus considers eating, but Kitty refuses, as she’s not hungry. Colossus expresses confusion about whether he will destroy the Breakworld, or act as its Messiah: “I’m so confused…”

After this, cut back to Cyclops and Emma in the jet. They take a hit and crash, and Cyclops is knocked apparently unconscious. Then the Danger room bot approaches them from behind.

Emma tells the bot:

“Kill me.

Please do try to make it quick.”

So, as we can see, the resolution of whether Colossus destroys the Breakworld or not, and whether or not the weapon will be defused, is left ambiguous here at the end of this issue. As I stated at the top of this article, unfortunately this is the latest issue of Astonishing I own. So we will have to wait to discover the conclusion of this part of the X-Men saga until I can afford to purchase the appropriate back-issue(s). But for now, my next Briefcase Collection Files comic book review will be on Cyber Force X-Men #1, the only issue of Cyber Force X-Men I possess. After that, however, we will move on to some heavy handling of Ultimate. Ultimate X-Men.

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