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Brieanna’s PCC 2011 Experience

Brieanna Brock 07/18/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Sooooo, I couldn’t very well go to SDCC without giving you an update on PCC!  Everyone I know was giving their updates so I thought I’d hold off til the next big one.  Here is my re-cap of Phoenix Comicon 2011.  My husband and I had a blast with friends new and old and can’t wait for PCC next year.  Here ya go…

Nothing like a private party with some of the best guests/friends invited to start out a preview night!  Here are some of the AZ local artists/crew and ourselves along director/friend/store owner Jesse James and his wife Lorraine.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with a couple uber awesome gals, Ina and April.  Big Kudos to them!  They were great roommates for Con and I really don’t remember a dull moment.  Here are a few pictures of us while not at con getting down to business,  scheduling and sketching!

My dear talented friend Jean Arrow and myself were lucky enough to be featured models for the art auction at PCC benefiting Kids Need To Read with host Paul Cornell; a British writer who has written episodes of Doctor Who (Father’s Day, Human Nature/Family of Blood) and other British television series (Primeval, Robin Hood). Cornell has also written comics for Marvel (Wisdom, Captain Britain and MI-13) and DC Comics (Action Comics, Knight and Squire, Batman & Robin), as well as numerous Doctor Who novels (including creating the popular companion Bernice Summerfield, who has spun off into her own novel and audio adventures) and his own original fiction (British Summertime). Ethan Van Sciver, an American comic book artist best known for illustrating a number of titles (including Green Lantern, Superman/Batman, New X-Men, and The Flash: Rebirth) also hosted. Van Sciver is known for having consistently detailed rendering in his work.

Together with a few other volunteers a lot of money was raised for Kids Need to Read!

And what would I miss out on some art for myself for while at the auction?  Here is one piece my husband and I brought home.  One of these is with the artists themselves, Mike McKone and Jim Califore.  Heath had to have this!

Just how big has PCC become?  Well, for those who have asked, due to safety and overall attendee experience in the exhibitor hall, they did queue lines into the exhibitor hall beginning at 2:15PM and continuing till just after 6:00PM on Saturday.  There was never a time when they “closed the hall”, they just simply required attendees to wait for others to leave before we let more entered.  This process was handled very smoothly and overall wait times ranged from a low of ten minutes to just over forty minutes.  The decision to extend by one hour our convention hours on Saturday to 8PM was directly made to allow as many of the attendees to enter and experience the exhibitor hall of the convention.  Everything went smoothly and all staff were nice and patient, along with attendees.  Of course I found time to meet up with a few of our Comic Booked team members, Victoria Paege and Jeremy Colwill.

Did you get a chance to view the Rocky Horror Picture Show?  We sure did.  My friend Dan Anderson was the star of the show and I was lucky enough to snag a picture with him afterward.  Nothing  like profanity flying out of mouths and ice up in the air.

A friend and local Arizona body painter, Papi Miranda attended the con so we decided to paint up a Tigra as we never see her cosplayed.  Here we are in the making and the after.  Whatcha think?


We had our first Cosplayers vs Comic Artists panel at PCC this year.  We played Family Feud!  The comic artists beat us cosplayers this time around but rest assured it won’t happen again.  Andy Bohn was the star of the show as he was the leader of his victory team!  We sure had a blast though.  Here are a few pictures from that panel.  Thanks to all involved.  We had a BLAST!

And why not have a cosplay idol panel?  Lessa Randall, Victoria Paege, and myself teamed up to talk anything cosplay and why we got involved and continue to do it.  Here is a picture and a video link as well.  To see a short clip of the video from this panel, click here.

As usual and outstanding, there was some hot and cool cosplay!  Here are some pictures, some with me and some of my favorites.

AND skip the gaming hall, NO WAY.  I had to go see what my friends were up to and they were having a blast.  Luckily I got a few of them to stop and take pictures.  Here are a few to look at.

And nothing like good times with friends in and out of the industry new and old!

I have a ton more pictures from PCC 2011, but you’ll have to find them on my facebook.  Just click here and follow me online.  Phoenix Comicon was a lot of fun and I had a great time networking with other people in the industry.  I look forward to San Diego right now and what all awaits.  Be sure to keep an eye out for an experience update from San Diego Comic Con!  Speaking of San Diego, make sure you check out the Zenescope booth, Gentle Giant Studios Booth, and World Famous Comics Booth.  I’ll be at all 3 working with some other great talent and offering exclusives!  See you in San Diego.

As always, keep your eyes where they should be, in a comic book~Smiles, Brieanna Brock

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