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Brian Wood to Write New Star Wars Comic Series

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Brian Wood is a comic creator with an impressive resume that includes such favorites as: DMZ, Northlanders, Local, Demo (possibly the most life-affirming comic ever published), and many others. Amongst some of his recent projects are Conan the Barbarian and The Massive for Dark Horse Comics. Now Brian Wood will be adding yet another big title to his already impressive resume. Mr. Wood has been announced as the new writer for an ongoing Star Wars series from Dark Horse — and not just any Star Wars series — a new series set in the original trilogy featuring the classic characters! From Brian Wood’s tumblr:

Star Wars comic art“I’m writing an ongoing Star Wars book for Dark Horse. Not just any Star Wars book, this will be called Star Wars, and will be set in the original trilogy, using the classic characters, and will pretend like its 1977 and no other films were every made or books ever written aside from A New Hope. Carlos D’Anda is on art, Gabe Eltaeb on colors, and Alex Ross on covers.”

He goes on to elaborate about how he became involved with this exciting new project:

“LucasFilm asked for me personally, and I felt it too irresistible a job to pass up. I’m three scripts into it and having fun. The book launches in Dec. or January. Oh yeah, Leia’s an X-Wing pilot.”

Wait, did he just say “Leia’s an X-Wing pilot?” Sweet. That must feel pretty good to be requested specifically by LucasFilm to work on this particular project. While there is no shortage of comics and stories set in the Star Wars universe, LucasFilm has been much more cautious with new content set in this particular time period (referred to as the OT or original trilogy era) involving the classic characters. This new title should really excite fans of the original trilogy, and Brian Wood seems like a nice fit for the series. For even more information, check out the interview with Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley over on i09, and look for more news to come out of the San Diego Comic-Con throughout the week.

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  1. David "The Exil 07/11/2012 at 7:59 pm

    As someone who has not bought a Star Wars comic in over 2 years, I can say this – I will be getting this book!

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