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Brian Michael Bendis Comes Out of Con Retirement (For One Hour)

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To the sadness of many comic fans, it is well known that Brian Michael Bendis has retired from convention appearances. Bendis cited the massive amount of time that conventions take away from his busy creation schedule as the main reason for the change. This is unfortunate but understandable. As anyone who has taken the time to go meet Mr. Bendis at a convention knows, he is wildly popular.  I have never stood in a line longer than the one I endured to get some of my issues of Scarlet and Powers signed by Mr. Bendis at the Emerald City Comicon a couple of years ago. As one of Marvel’s “Architects,” responsible for the curation of Marvel’s massive comic universes, it is no wonder Bendis has so many fans.  As it turns out, Brian Michael Bendis is coming out of his self-imposed convention retirement for one appearance—and not for a comic convention like you might expect—but a for video game exposition.

Brian Michael Bendis "Peek-a-boo"

That’s right, Brian Michael Bendis will be appearing at the “Marvel Heroes – Revolutionizing the Free-to-Play MMO” panel discussion at PAX Prime 2012, on Friday August, 31st from 3:30-4:30 pm in Seattle, WA.  Here is the panel description from the PAX website:

Marvel Heroes – Revolutionizing the Free-to-Play MMO

Ready for an exclusive inside look at the uncannily and incredibly amazing free-to-play action-MMO known as Marvel Heroes? Panelists include Gazillion president David Brevik (one of the creators of Diablo!), legendary Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man! Avengers vs. X-Men! So much more!), Marvel’s mighty VP of Games Production TQ Jefferson, and other spectacular guests. New characters! New gameplay! New story details! More surprises! ‘Nuff said.



David Brevik [President, Gazillion], Brian Michael Bendis [Writer, Marvel], TQ Jefferson [VP of Games Production, Marvel]

PAX Prime 2012 Logo

It might not be the triumphant return to the comic convention circuit that comic fans were hoping for, but it is an exception to his retirement nonetheless. No, he probably will not be signing comics or taking the time out to hear hours of fans’ praise and complaints, but if you are lucky enough to attend PAX Prime you can hear Brian Michael Bendis speak about Marvel video games (and maybe even ask a related question during the audience Q & A).  Hey, we’ll take what we can get. I hope to see you at PAX Prime next week!

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