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Breaking: New Superman/Wonder Woman Series Announced

Jeff Hill 06/17/2013 Features, News, ZDONOTUSE

USA Today has had a busy day today, also just reporting that writer Charles Soule (Swamp Thing) will be teaming up with artist Tony Daniel (Action Comics) to produce a brand new Superman/Wonder Woman series exploring the relationship dynamics and ongoing adventures of the Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon!

Breaking New Superman-Wonder Woman Series Announced Picture 2

DC is keeping the story very secret and just promises that the relationship will be explored more in-depth and promises that this title, along with the new Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman series, will serve as the backbone of the DC Universe.  It also appears that with the number of recent series cancellations and announcements, that DC will be going strong into their second year since their line-wide reboot of their seminal characters.  It also appears that they have no intention of abandoning the New 52 banner any time soon.


The premiere issue hits stands in October of this year.


So, what do you think?  Are you excited to see Clark and Diana in their own relationship book every month?  Or do you think DC is stretching to keep up the number of monthly publications?

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