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Boom Studios: On Shelves May 18th, 2011

Thom Atkinson 05/17/2011 Reviews

This week’s new releases from Boom! Studios, the company responsible for such daring titles as Mark Waids Ireedemable as well as family friendly fair in the adventures of some of Diseny’s most lovable characters. Whether it’s Mickey Mouse or the fenzied infected in the 28 Days Later series this is the publisher for you. Here are the titles hitting shelves this week.

Boom Studios28 Days Later #23

Writer(s): Michael Alan Nelson
Artist(s): Ale Aragon
Finally in London, Clint and Selena find themselves driven apart by a secret from Selena’s past. And as the so-called “peace” created by the military slips away, one question will rise from the ashes: are the Clint and Selena more powerful together…or apart? If you loved the 28 DAYS LATER movies, this is the comic book you should be reading!
Diamond Code: MAR110955
Darkwing Duck #12 (Cover A)
Writer(s): Ian Brill
Artist(s): James Silvani
The epic can’t-miss conclusion of “F.O.W.L. Disposition!” Will the diabolical Duckthulu rise from the depths or will Darkwing Duck devise a way to detour the dreadful destruction? All this and more alliteration as the celebrated team Ian Brill and James Silvani hilariously put the “dark” in Darkwing Duck!
Diamond Code: MAR110994
Malignant Man #02
Writer(s): James Wan, Michael Alan Nelson
Artist(s): Piotr Kowalski
What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! The hospital sent cancer patient Alan Gates home to die. Instead, his tumor transformed him into something more than human…When Alan discovers that his tumor is actually a mysterious parasite — he’s granted a second lease on life… and incredible, otherworldly powers! In this issue, learn what is the secret truth behind the parasitic alien living beneath Alan’s skin! It’s dark. It’s twisted. And MALIGNANT MAN is unlike anything else on the stands. This is a sci-fi thriller that can’t be missed!
Diamond Code: MAR110981
Mickey Mouse And Friends #308
Writer(s): Ted Osborne
Artist(s): Al Taliaferro , Floyd Gottfredson
The celebration of 70 years of Walt Disney’s Comics continues here with a salute to modern Mickey master Noel Van Horn, featuring two stories never-before-seen in the United States! “Metamorphosis” finds Mickey confronting an out-of-control mechanical monster unlike anything you’ve ever seen, while “Rocky Road to Ruin” chronicles Mickey and Horace’s struggle to succeed in the cutthroat world of…ice cream sales? Also features the classic Floyd Gottfredson story “Mess Production,” not seen in the United States since 1934!
Diamond Code: MAR111000
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #8 (Cover A)


Writer(s): Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett , Paul Cornell
Artist(s): Javier Pina
Stan Lee’s superhero juggernaut soldiers on with Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning on the front lines! Find out if Stewart will continue saving the streets as Soldier Zero or if someone close to him will take up the mantle. The second arc of the bestselling series comes to a close and will have you yelling “Excelsior!”
Diamond Code: MAR110984
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero Vol. 1


Writer(s): Paul Cornell
Artist(s): Javier Pina
Specially priced at $9.99 First time in trade paperback! STAN’S BACK! Stan Lee, the most colossal force in the history of comics, teams up critically acclaimed writer Paul Cornell (ACTION COMICS, DOCTOR WHO) and artist Javier Pina (SUPERMAN, BATMAN) for the dramatic, action-packed superhero scorched, SOLDIER ZERO! Half-Human. Half-Alien. All Weapon…and all in this brand new collection! Compiling the highly celebrated first arc “One Small Step for Man,” find out Soldier Zero’s origin and how wheelchair-bound college lecturer Stewart Trautmann becomes an intergalactic weapon of war. This can’t-miss edition features a cover by fan-favorite X-MEN artist, Trevor Hairsine!
ISBN13: 9781608860470
Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck Vol. 1
Writer(s): Don Rosa
Artist(s): Don Rosa
Jumpin’ jacksnipes! Don Rosa’s first Donald Duck tales are back in print, and we have them here! First up, Dynamic Don serves up his “Return to Plain Awful” with Donald in search of square eggs…with Uncle Scrooge and Flintheart Glomgold in tow! Next, our dashing duck fights it out with über-lucky Gladstone in “Oolated Luck” and “Give Unto Others.” Experience jerky Neighbor Jones in “Recalled Wreck,” and his own super-smart nephews in “Mythological Menagerie” and “Making the Grade!” All this plus other timeless tales including “Fit to be Pied,” “Rocket Reverie,” “Forget me Not,” “Star-Struck Duck,” “Metaphorically Spanking,” “The Crocodile Collector” and the rare Christmas classic “Fir-Tree Fracas.” Including a cover gallery and ducky behind-the-scenes details never before told. Are we aiming to win a Junior Woodchuck Merit Badge, or what?
ISBN13: 978608866564
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