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BOOM! In Review – A Superb Week!

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Welcome to BOOM! In Review, a column taking a look at some of the most recent and notable releases from BOOM! Studios! BOOM! publishes a variety of unique books, ranging from all ages content to non-traditional superhero stories. They work with the likes of Mark Waid, Stan Lee, and Grace Randolph, along with a number of other storytelling and visual artists who I believe deserve to become household names as well. The week of November 21, 2012 was a superb week! Let’s dive in, shall we?

Bravest Warriors from BOOM!Bravest Warriors #2Bravest Warriors is one of those kid friendly books I mentioned in the description. The narration does cute little things like talk about each character’s favorite food, and there’s even a neat little Pinky and the Brain reference! Don’t let the cartoonish animation style of the art lull you into a false sense of security though. As soon as you find out Beth put spider eggs in Danny’s head you realize that this book has a bit of that trademark absurdity you see in every BOOM! title!

Peanuts from BOOM!Peanuts Vol 2 #4 – It’s about time for A Charlie Brown Christmas, so why not first revisit that world with some of the strips themselves? It’s been forever since I’ve read a physical newspaper complete with actual funny pages, but this new release from BOOM! Studios works just as well with my morning coffee. The introductory Snoopy story is really sweet, and near the end we have some great wisdom left by Charles M. Schulz himself.

Hellraiser #20 – We switch tracks completely now, as we movie into much darker territory. The world is ending in this final issue of the Hellraiser continuation, or is it? There’s a kind of unfinished looking quality to the visual art in this book, but it doesn’t hurt the story, and actually works wonders for the glowing effects and the sky. It’s a fine if not rather brief wrap up, but Hellraiser from BOOM!Hell hounds can find more with the Hellraiser: The Road Below miniseries and next year’s The Dark Watch.

Steed and Mrs. Peel from BOOM!Steed and Mrs. Peel #3 – Steed and Mrs. Peel is kind of hilarious, and I mean that in a good way. The bulletproof umbrellas and hats that double as weapons are just so vintage, I love it! On top of that, who else would encode their characters with post-hypnotic personality restoring trigger words to be used in the event of brainwashing? Peel wears a pair a fetish outfits and Steed has such a great reaction to it all, please keep it coming!

Supurbia #1 – Grace Randolph’s miniseries about the personal lives of some borderline very unlikable super heroes continues here with this brand new #1 of a now ongoing series! Ok maybe they aren’t all unlikable, but Sovereign’s threatening speech at the very beginning is in my opinion some of the best writing featured in this title to date.

Keep your eyes open for this previously exclusive alternate cover released by BOOM! at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con!

Supurbia limited cover from BOOM!

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